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Brought to you by Jarod Cogswell, FIT Academy - Fitness INSIDER -

Jarod Cogswell, FIT AcademyDid you know that there are more people at the gym struggling with the same life challenges... body image, depression, low self-esteem and other negative energy vampires? And believe it or not, even the fitness fanatics that look physically amazing are trapped by self-destructive emotions.

The truth is that fitness benefits contain much more than simply the physical rewards. Exercise gives us confidence, a sense of self-worth, pride and the list of positives for a happy life are in the thousands.

After 20-plus years of doing what I can to help change lives through fitness, I can honestly tell you that it doesn't matter what you look like. What matters is how you feel.

I’ve experienced quite a few people coming into the gym setting with a cloud of darkness above them and I always say, "Let's put a smile on your face and the body will follow."

Recently I asked random FIT Academy members what life lessons consistent exercise has given them.

Answers included:

“Don’t give up before the ‘miracles’ happen”

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

“Uncomfortability brings me growth”

“Never cheat yourself of the gift you have been given”

“I CAN!”

The other benefit of fitness? Friends. Support. Love. Hanging around like-minded people with similar challenges is motivating and inspiring. Connect with the right people, get results physically, mentally and spiritually.

Start transforming your life today. Don't wait. You get one shot. Make it count.

FIT Academy

9140 SW Hall Blvd.

Beaverton, OR 97223



Brought to you by Pacific Medical Group Beaverton - Medical Family Practice INSIDER

PMG MediaYes, because at Pacific Medical Group in Beaverton, we are a Patient-Centered Primary Care Medical Home. We will better coordinate your care to get you the services you need, when you need them. 

We listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We offer after-hours help and alternatives to the emergency room or urgent care. We help you play an active role in your health. As your Patient-Centered Medical Home, we ask that you make us aware of any other providers or clinics that may be assisting you with your healthcare needs.

At Pacific Medical Group, we can care for all ages from newborns to seniors. We provide vaccinations for infants, pediatric care to growing children and can treat sports injuries. For adults, we offer chronic disease management for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We stress preventative medicine to the whole family, and also offer gynecological care for women and girls.

At our location, we have social work services, care management, on-site laboratory and X-ray services. We treat on-the-job injuries and can do minor procedures and biopsies. Our Electronic Medical Records ensure accurate and efficient care. We offer Online Services to help manage your care by allowing you to view lab results, request prescription refills, schedule routine appointments, pay your bill online, and email your provider.

We are accepting new patients and look forward to assisting you with all your healthcare needs. 

Pacific Medical Group - Beaverton

4510 SW Hall Blvd.

Beaverton, OR 97005

(503) 644-1171


M-F 7:30am-7pm/Sat 9am-1pm

Brought to you by Jessica Spenst of Waterhouse Ridge Memory Care - Memory Care INSIDER

Jessica Spenst, Waterhouse Ridge Memory Care Moving is stressful for anyone. But moving a person with memory loss to an assisted living facility, group home, or nursing home is a big change for both the patient and the caregiver.

Here at Waterhouse Ridge Memory Care, which opened in March, our staff is accustomed to making the transition easier for all concerned.

The National Institute on Aging notes that family members may feel a range of emotions, from a sense of loss to guilt and sadness. They may also may feel relieved.

It is OK to have all these feelings. A social worker may be able to help you plan for and adjust to moving day. It's important to have support during this difficult step.

Here are some things that may help:

- Know that the day can be very stressful.

- Talk to a social worker about your feelings about moving your loved one into a new place.

- Find out how to help the person with memory loss adjust to the new surroundings.

- Don't argue with the patient about why he or she needs to be there. Arguing leads to more frustration and anxiety.

- Get to know the staff before the person moves into a facility.

- Talk with the staff about ways to make the transition to the assisted living facility or nursing home go more smoothly.

Waterhouse Ridge Memory Care

115 NW 158th Ave., Beaverton OR 97006



Dr. Irina Moga, DDS, Dr. Moga Family & Cosmetic Dentistry - Dental INSIDER -

Dr. Irina Moga, Dr. Moga Family and Cosmetic DentistryQ: How does a dentist determine whether wisdom teeth should be extracted — especially if they are not causing discomfort?

A: Most wisdom teeth cause problems because there’s not enough room for them to come in properly. Wisdom teeth that come in at odd angles or only come in halfway are difficult to keep clean so they are prone to cavities and gum infection, which can also spread to neighboring teeth. These are usually the teeth we recommend removing. If they come in straight and the patient has room for them — and is able to clean them effectively — they don’t need to be removed. That is a small minority though.

Q: What should a patient expect from the procedure?

A: Wisdom tooth removal is typically done by an oral surgeon, though some generalists offer the service. In most cases, IV sedation is recommended both for the patient’s comfort and to facilitate the procedure. The surgery is usually performed in the oral surgeon’s office, not in a hospital, and usually takes 60-90 minutes. Sedated patients are required to have a ride home and are usually given pain medication, which often makes them sleepy.

Q: What should a patient expect after the procedure?

A: If a patient opts for IV sedation, which I recommend, they’ll likely not remember anything from the procedure.  The amount of down time and diet restrictions vary from patient to patient. Most patients feel better and can resume normal activities within 1-3 weeks.

Dr. Moga DDS

14425 SW Allen Blvd.

Beaverton OR 97005



Brought to you by Margaret Norman, Beaverton Lodge Retirement Residence - Retirement Living INSIDER -

Margaret Norman, Beaverton Lodge Retirement ResidenceHere is some food for thought on Senior Living Communities.

It seems that retirement can really be good for your health. People become more active, sleep much better and reduce time just sitting when they retire.

This is according to a new study that was published in March by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

“A major life change, like retirement, creates a great window of opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes,” said lead researcher Melody Ding, Ph.D, a senior research fellow at the University of Sydney School of Public Health.

“It’s a chance to get rid of bad routines and engineer new, healthier behaviors,” she added.

Ding and her colleagues studied the lifestyle behaviors (physical activity, diet, sedentary behavior, alcohol use and sleep patterns) of more than 25,000 older Australians.

“Our research revealed that retirement was associated with positive lifestyle changes,” she said.

Compared with people who were still working, retirees had increased physical activity levels, reduced sitting time, were less likely to smoke and had healthier sleep patterns.

Specifically, the data revealed that retirees:

· Increased physical activity by 93 minutes a week

· Decreased sedentary time by 67 minutes per day

· Increased sleep by 11 minutes per day

· 50 percent of female smokers stopped.

The differences were significant, even after adjusting for factors such as age, sex, urban/rural residence, marital status and education.

Beaverton Lodge Retirement Residence

12900 SW Ninth St., Beaverton, Oregon, 97005

(503) 646-0635


Brought to you by Griffin Hampson - Cartridge-Network - PRINTER, INK & TONER INSIDER -

CARTRIDGE-NETWORK - Griffin HampsonAny inkjet printer with four or more “tank” ink cartridges has a separate printhead. Cartridges lock into the printer’s carriage feeding ink to the printhead.

This differs from the two-cartridge system; a black and a tri-color cartridge, where the printhead is a physical component of each cartridge.

Guess what? Tank-style printheads clog up. Lots of use, little use or general use. They clog up.

So, all Brother, Epson, Canon and HP printers with four or more cartridges have a printhead which needs to be cleaned periodically.

At Cartridge Network’s store we ask customers purchasing tank-style cartridges if they clean their printer’s printheads. Maybe 15 percent say they do. Ten percent know about it but don’t and 75 percent look at us as if we’re nuts.

We go over a handout with short instructions for each type of printer and give it to them. Come in or call us for a copy.

One can clean the printhead directly from the printer or from one’s computer. A test page is the first step indicating if all the nozzles are printing correctly or clogged. If clogged, do a “deep clean.” If they are severely clogged, you may have to repeat the process many times.

If they become too clogged you will be looking for a new printer. Really? We recycle several printers daily which are old or have clogged printheads. We probably have a good new printer waiting for you.

Why do we go to these lengths explaining printhead clearing? Because so many people come in with print quality samples or their actual printers. Most are astonished by the process. So easy. Once they’re aware and clean periodically, everyone’s life is easier.

Yes, you will use a little ink, but doing so sure beats having a poor print when you are actually trying to print something.

As a full-service independent, non-franchise operation located in Raleigh Hills, on the Portland – Beaverton border, Cartridge Network sells and services printers and copiers. “We stock several dozen different printer models (inkjet and laser) and copiers too. We focus on a buyer’s needs and then explore alternatives to best meet their needs.” We stock several thousand different cartridges. Shipping is free.


6800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225

(503) 246-0665


Brought to you by Jessica Spenst, Waterhouse Ridge - MEMORY CARE INSIDER

WATERHOUSE RIDGE MEMORY CARE - Jessica SpenstAt Waterhouse Ridge, every staff member receives training in our approach to patients living with dementia. Everyone from housekeeping to care staff to reception learns best practices in an initial session, with ongoing monthly training.

Here are a few tips for those caring for a loved one at home:

Recognize that dementia is a failure of the brain. You can't undo the changes that are happening to your loved one. They will have good days and bad days. They can't "work harder" and recall information that is no longer there or retainable. This is not about you, it is about your loved one and their quality of life.

Patience is key. You will likely answer the same questions over and over, or hear the same stories. Take it in stride and let your loved one repeat things.

Step Back! When an interaction is not going well, stop and consider their perspective. Pushing your agenda is likely to make it worse. Someone living with dementia may not be able to reason through a situation the way you can.

Stop reacting. Correcting or arguing is likely to get you nowhere and be more frustrated. Instead, validate how your relative is feeling. Ask open-ended questions, using the words they have given you.

Be Flexible: Have plans, but expect them to change. Be ready with plan B, C — even D.

To learn more, visit www.agingcare.com/.

Waterhouse Ridge Memory Care

115 NW 158th Ave., Beaverton OR 97006



Brought to you by Jarod Cogswell, FIT Academy - PERSONAL TRAINING INSIDER -

FIT ACADEMY - Jarod CogswellMost people need extra motivation to get active, stronger and leaner.

What better motivation than summertime, which begins June 20, just seven weeks from now?

Do the right things and you will see changes and improvement in as little as four to six weeks if you are disciplined about exercise and even semi-disciplined about food intake. You’ll experience remarkable changes in the way you look and feel.

After being stuck indoors for months, Oregonians love to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

And if you want to feel confident about dressing lighter, wearing shorts, T-shirts, sundresses and swimsuits, check us out at FIT Academy. We offer plenty of options, including Sundress Bootcamp, an overall fitness program to look leaner and feel stronger in those summer clothes.

The warmer season also features a plethora of local runs, with hordes of locals participating in fun runs such as the Beaverton Sun Run (July 24) and the Twilight Run in Tigard at Cook Park (June 25, in conjunction with the Tigard Festival of Balloons).

Last but not least, enjoy the beautiful Oregon outdoors. Get out for a bike ride, hike or a backpacking trip.

The bottom line is that more fit you are, the more fun you will have and less the likely you are to get injured!

Need more expert advice? Visit us at FIT Academy to make 2016 you best summer ever!

FIT Academy

9140 SW Hall Blvd.

Beaverton, OR 97223



Brought to you by Irina Moga, Irina Moga DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry - DENTAL INSIDER -

IRINA MOGA DDS FAMILY & COSMETIC DENTISTRY - Irina MogaWhat’s the difference between snoring and sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when a sleeping person stops breathing because the airway is partially or fully blocked.

When you're awake, throat muscles help keep your airway stiff and open so air can flow into your lungs. Asleep, the muscles relax and narrow your throat.

Most sleep apnea sufferers snore, but snoring alone doesn’t mean the patient has sleep apnea.

Dentistry clinics such as ours work with sleep centers and a patient’s primary care physician. The patient must have a diagnosis of sleep apnea before we can treat them.

A dentist can create a custom-made oral appliance that pulls the lower jaw forward and eases breathing. The appliance may be covered by medical insurance when it’s used for a diagnosed case of sleep apnea.

In the great majority of sleep apnea cases, patients use both a mouth guard and a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine.

Repeated episodes of airway collapse throughout the night disrupt and fragment sleep, which may produce hypoxemia and other cardiovascular stress. Sleep apnea has been suspected of contributing to heart disease and is a common cause of high blood pressure.

Sleep apnea patients of either gender have a higher risk of stroke than those without the disorder, however the risks for men are higher.

For more information about sleep apnea solutions, consult your doctor about diagnostic tests and potential treatments.

Dr. Irina Moga, DDS

14425 SW Allen Blvd., Beaverton OR 97005



Brought to you by Margaret Norman, Beaverton Lodge Retirement Residence - RETIREMENT LIVING INSIDER -

BEAVERTON LODGE - Margaret NormanMore and more research is being published about the benefits of keeping your mind active and engaged in a continual learning process in our senior years.

The old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is just not true.

Studies show that you can learn just as well in your senior years if you maintain your motivation.

So, take that painting class you thought about. Write your memoir, a short story or even a novel. Research your genealogy.

Venture out on trips to museums, read a newspaper and do the crossword puzzle.

Playing bridge or brain teaser games with a few like-minded adults fosters a more enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

Studies have shown that keeping your brain stimulated helps retain mental alertness as people age because even an aging brain can grow new connections and pathways when it is challenged.

Exercising the brain can relieve sleep and mood disorders as well as improve your memory. Maintaining intellectual activity is essential to your brain health. One researcher says the education and information is for the brain what exercise is for the heart.

According to the National Institutes of Health, such activities may protect the brain by establishing “cognitive reserve,” the brain’s ability to operate effectively even when it is damaged or some brain function is disrupted.

These activities may help the brain become more adaptable in some mental functions, so it can compensate for declines in other functions.

Beaverton Lodge

12900 SW Ninth St., Beaverton, Oregon, 97005

(503) 646-0635


Brought to you by Jaimie King, Sage Hearing Solutions - HEARING INSIDER -

SAGE HEARING SOLUTIONS - Jaimie KingDementia is one of the most common afflictions affecting Americans over the age in 60, and also one of the most dangerous.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, an estimated 5.8 million older adults have some form of dementia — that’s about 12 percent of the senior population!

But did you know that dementia has increasingly been linked to untreated cases of hearing loss? It’s true.

Early research indicates a high correlation between social isolation and developing dementia and other memory-related diseases. A Johns Hopkins study from this year found that the mental abilities of seniors with hearing loss degrade 30 to 40 percent faster than those with normal hearing.

Now let’s be clear: Just because you have hearing loss doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to develop dementia.

But common experience tells us that people with hearing loss tend to be alone more often. Sufferers usually have trouble understanding what others are saying—the essence of communication itself—and therefore rely on reclusiveness and social isolation to mask their illness.

But dementia thrives on this disengagement and loneliness. New conversations lead to new thoughts and even create new pathways in your brain, helping to keep your mind agile and acute.

This is one of the many reasons why it’s more important than ever to treat hearing loss. Visit me at Sage Hearing Solutions for your professional consultation today.

Sage Hearing Solutions

1865 NW 169th Place, Suite 204, Beaverton, Oregon 97006

(503) 747-3084


Brought to you by Griffin Hampson - Cartridge-Network - PRINTER, INK & TONER INSIDER -

CARTRIDGE-NETWORK - Griffin HampsonCan third-party laser toner cartridges save your office money? Absolutely. What about quality?

Aftermarket laser toner cartridges’ quality ranges from garbage—to illegal—to excellent. How does one know the good from the bad? Use a local vendor who knows the differences. Many very inexpensive cartridges sold via Amazon and certain online sellers (check customer dissatisfaction reviews) are poor quality. We love inexpensive items, laser toner cartridges included. But buying on price alone invites problems. Our quality and savings = value.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) = name-brand cartridge. This is how printer companies make their profit. Nothing wrong here, but it is significantly higher on a cost- per-page basis.

For aftermarket cartridges, there are two good alternatives. Factory remanufactured and factory new compatibles. Depending on the brand and style of cartridge, either can be very satisfactory in both performance and savings.

Factory remanufactured cartridges are exactly that. An empty original cartridge, recycled and factory remanufactured. Tested, accepted, machine cleaned, new drum (one hopes), new blades and other parts and then filled with the appropriate toner formulation with a new or reset “chip.”

Factory “compatible” cartridges are “new build” cartridges with the appropriate toner and “chip.” Both styles can perform quite well at considerable savings. The factories we use for these cartridges produce very high-quality cartridges with very high customer satisfaction.

What about refill shops? It’s a question of job shop vs. factory quality. Universal laser toner (is garbage) vs. laser toner specifically intended for a specific printer, let alone the correct cartridge chip. We recycle lots of these from unhappy users.

Illegal cartridges on the internet? Yep! There have already been about a dozen seizures this year with the importer named including several for Amazon.

Black-only laser toner cartridges (printers) are the least expensive on a cost-per-page basis. Color laser cartridges (printers) are several times more expensive on a cost-per-page basis. There is a correlation between purchase price of the printer and the cost per page; the lower the price of the printer, the more costly on a cost-per-page basis.

Since businesses usually favor laser printers, we frequently recommend having a “beefier” all-in-one or multi-function black laser printer for the 70 percent to 80 percent of their printing that is only black and then having a separate color laser printer for when they need color. Since color goes into producing black print and black laser toner goes into making color more “colorful,” this is a very cost effective way to lower a businesses’ cost per page and provides redundancy in printing capabilities instead of having a single color all-in-one/multi-function color laser printer that is printing predominantly black.

Let us help you with cost effective high-quality cartridges. As a full-service independent, non-franchise operation located in Raleigh Hills, on the Portland-Beaverton border, Cartridge-Network stocks several thousand different OEM and aftermarket cartridges. Shipping is free! And we sell and services printers and copiers. We stock several dozen different printer models (inkjet and laser) and copiers too. We focus on a customer’s needs and then explore alternatives to best meet them.


6800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225

(503) 246-0665


Beaverton's Opinions

June 23, 2016

Looking back to honor fathers' importance

by Miles Vance
You may have missed it. You may not have even known it was here, but Sunday was Father's Day. In case this auspicious occasion did not make an appearance on your calendar of events, forgive me, but I would be remiss to let it pass without comment.…
June 23, 2016

Letters to the Editor

by The Times
Writer praises local reps for passage of House Bill 343 in June On June 13, House Resolution 343 was passed unanimously. The resolution calls upon the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to immediately end the practice of state-sanctioned organ harvesting…
June 21, 2016

Our opinion: Governor needs to oppose gross receipts tax

by Editorial Board
Kate Brown needs to demonstrate she is the governor for all of Oregon, and not just a leader for the public employee unions. It is past time for Brown to step in and oppose the latest attempt to make a mess of Oregon’s tax system. This threat to…

June 20, 2016

New city tax threatens marketplace demand for hotels

by Jason Brandt
Recently, with little notice to stakeholders and virtually no public discussion, the city of Beaverton proposed a new 4 percent city tax on all lodging properties inside the city limits, on top of the state and county lodging taxes already being…
June 17, 2016

Our opinion: Kate Brown snubs voters and tradition with debate decision

by Editorial Board
Oregon’s newspapers — which are read either in print or online by virtually every active voter in the state — have a longstanding election-year tradition of inviting the two major candidates for governor to make a joint appearance at their summer…
June 16, 2016

Focus on solutions, not theatrics

by Editorial Board
The horrific attack in an Orlando, Florida, nightclub early Sunday morning could have happened anywhere at anytime — and that sad reality should prompt every community to consider how to lessen the odds that it will be a target for the deranged.…
June 16, 2016

Exercise and sports set the table for life

by Matthew Warren, Michael Harper
One of us is a successful insurance professional and former professional basketball player. The other is the Executive Director of the United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest. Despite our different professions, we have something important…
June 08, 2016

Stop fighting, settle Cover Oregon suit

by Editorial Board
It would be hard to say which entity the public distrusts more — big business or big government. As such, many people in Oregon will have trouble deciding who was tricked and who was the trickster in the Cover Oregon debacle that cost taxpayers more…
June 08, 2016

Gov. Brown should tell feds: no more Syrian refugees to Oregon

by Cynthia Kendoll, Richard F. LaMountain
Will some of the Syrian refugees the Obama administration is hustling through a truncated vetting process make their way to Oregon? In early April, the Associated Press’ Khetam Malkawi reported, “the first Syrian family to be resettled in the U.S.…
June 08, 2016

Letters to the Editor

by The Times
Kids share insight about addiction and about addicts We are fifth-graders at Bonny Slope Elementary and we have a very important issue that we want to share with you. Our issue is addiction. We think that people need to know that when people are…
June 02, 2016

State's open records laws need overhaul

by John Sepulvado
In elementary school, Franklin Weekley was diagnosed as “mentally retarded.” He was slow to learn, but quick to act out on impulse. Teachers at his rural school were unequipped to handle him. Weekley ended up spending much of his time at home.…
June 02, 2016

DEQ not playing fairly with lead emissions tests at Bullseye

by Steve Lechleiter
If the air readings of lead emissions near Bullseye Glass on May 10 were 224 times greater, it would still be a safe level for children to be exposed to, according to the EPA. The recent cease-and-desist order that Oregon Governor Kate Brown…
June 02, 2016

Writer says democracy calls for Bernie Sanders to keep running

by Shannon Olsen
In my opinion, Bernie Sanders enthusiasts have shown the broken system on both sides. Although Hillary Clinton is a great candidate, Bernie has a message of basic need for this country to maintain a democratic society. The Democratic National…
May 26, 2016

Tax would hurt those it aims to help

by Editorial Board
A new analysis by state economists should make public employees think twice about the harm they’d do to low-income Oregonians if the unions and their backers succeed in pushing through a gross receipts tax in November. Initiative Petition 28, which…
May 26, 2016

'Grease' brings BHS drama alums back, completes circle

by Michael Scott-Montgomery
It has been 16 years in the making, but the drama alums of the James Erickson era (1970-2000) finally returned to the Beaverton High School auditorium this past month to reminisce and inspire the current students and bring the sense of community…
May 26, 2016

There's one thing I know something about, but not what you'd guess

by Mikel Kelly
It has been suggested, a time or two in my life, that my most unique personal achievement may very well have been my selection to the Waldport High School Class of ‘65 Senior Hall of Fame as Most Witty Boy. Oh, sure, I accomplished some other…
May 26, 2016

Our Opinion: Gross receipts tax would only hurt those it aims to help

by Editorial Board
A new analysis by state economists should make public employees think twice about the harm they’d do to low-income Oregonians if the unions and their backers succeed in pushing through a gross receipts tax in November. Initiative Petition 28, which…
May 11, 2016

Let's have national vote by mail

by Sen. Ron Wyden
Fifty-one years ago, President Lyndon Johnson urged Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act. And in the face of implacable opposition from southern states, Johnson clearly laid out the stakes: “Every American citizen must have an equal right to vote.…
May 11, 2016

Trade agreement helps countries stay competitive

by Tekle Sebhatu
As economies of countries increasingly become more interconnected and interdependent, the free trade agreement is becoming a vehicle to help countries become more competitive. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, when in force, will bind the United States…
Mikel Kelly
May 11, 2016

This is the last worthless evening I'll spend with this old laptop

by Mikel Kelly
I am hoping with all my heart that this will be the last thing I write on this computer. My blood pressure is already through the roof because I’ve been trying for two hours to get a column started. My laptop has crashed three times, in every case…
May 04, 2016

Return Craig Dirksen to Metro Council

by The Times
If you pay attention to the national news at all, it’s seems like all you hear is election news 24-7. And while it’s hard not to pay attention to the latest Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton news, we have some important election decisions of our own…
May 04, 2016

Vote Richard Devlin for secretary of state

by Editorial Board
When Democrat Barbara Roberts was sworn in as secretary of state in January 1985, it ended a 106-year run of Republicans holding the job. We doubt the Democrats will match that streak, but they certainly are in the favored position to retain the…
May 04, 2016

Oregon Lottery brings good luck to no one, should be eliminated

by James Maass
While I am never happy to see someone lose their job, Governor Kate Brown did the right thing in releasing Jack Roberts from his position as the Oregon Lottery Director. The Oregon lottery is an abomination on the state of Oregon. What did voters…
April 28, 2016

Voters should return Schouten and Rogers to county commission

by Editorial Board
Washington County prides itself on being known as the economic engine of Oregon, and in this era of ever-speedier communication and ever-evolving technology, it deserves that description. As home to Intel and Tektronix, along with the many other…
Mikel Kelly
April 28, 2016

I'm really, really, really ready for the rain to stop

by Mikel Kelly
It’s spring in Oregon, and I’m getting irritated. Oh, sure, it could have just been National Take Your Favorite Pencil to Work Day, but that’s not what’s getting on my nerves. No, it’s something else. Because we’re now firmly into the season that…

Don't miss the local news

Apr 28, 2016

Letters to the Editor

by Miles Vance
Rosenthal explains what Metro does, deserves your vote Metro, to me, seems like an amorphous bureaucracy that serves some enigmatic function. Metro is supposed to support inter-county…
Apr 29, 2016

Sex education is sexual assault prevention

by Jana Deiss
I grew up with “no means no.” Young people these days may hear “no means no” or “yes means yes” … or nothing at all about sexual assault and how to prevent it. A recent national survey conducted…