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July 24, 2014

Nation must improve care for veterans

by Suzanne Bonamici
For generations, our country has reaped the benefits of a powerful military — a military that has defended our freedom and helped pursue peace and autonomy for other nations abroad. Service…
July 24, 2014

Being old means never having to say you're sorry

by Mikel Kelly
People are always coming up to me and sticking their phone in my face and imploring me to look at a picture of something. “Well?” they’ll say. “What do you think of that?” If it’s a true friend,…
July 17, 2014

'Postmark' rule puts burden on voting system

by Paul Gronke
The final tally for the 2000 U.S. presidential election in Florida was George W. Bush, 2,912,790 votes, and Al Gore, 2,912,253 votes — a difference of 537 votes. Of course, everyone knows that…
July 17, 2014

This July heat can kill your pets

by Editorial Board
We’ve all seen it. A parked car sitting somewhere with no people around, and inside, a dog locked within. Sure, the pet’s owner has left the window rolled down a few inches, but that’s just not…
July 17, 2014

With Love is a nonprofit for foster families worth supporting

by Theresa Patton
I’d like to introduce you to a fairly new nonprofit that serves foster families in the city of Portland and surrounding suburbs. The organization was started by a woman named Allie Roth. Her…
July 10, 2014

High court ruling infringes on women's rights

by Michele Stranger Hunter
On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the Hobby Lobby case. It said that closely held, for-profit companies that maintain religious objections to the federal health care…
July 10, 2014

Tune up your bike, tune up your body

by Mikael Stadden and Bill Larson
Early summer temperatures and longer days mean more cyclists on the roads and trails throughout the Portland metro area. Whether for recreation, fitness or commuting to work or school, this is…
July 10, 2014

Letters to the editor from our readers

by Beaverton Valley Times
You can support Beaverton students’ future success The school year has ended, but Beaverton Education Foundation’s work in support of Beaverton’s children continues. This summer, Beaverton…
July 03, 2014

It's time to end the National Security Agency dragnet

by Ron Wyden, Mark Udall and Rand Paul
One year ago this month, Americans learned their government was engaged in secret dragnet surveillance, which contradicted years of assurances to the contrary from senior government officials…
July 03, 2014

Even with 50 years of civil rights, steps still must be taken

by Brad Avakian
Hard to believe, but 50 years ago it was perfectly legal to discriminate against someone because of their race, religion, gender or national origin. Discrimination was a fact of life for many…

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Jun 19, 2014

Focus on responsible gun ownership

by Editorial Board
Every time a gun-related tragedy occurs, the cry goes out to ban certain types of weapons, establish waiting periods or pass other gun legislation, but in the end, nothing ever really gets done.…
Jun 12, 2014

Oregon communities are honoring veterans' sacrifices

by Editorial Board
It is difficult to believe it has been 70 years since what was perhaps the most important battle of World War II — the Allied invasion of the Normandy region of France on June 6, 1944. For most…
Jun 12, 2014

Oregon must broaden access to higher education

by Tobias Read
To all of the recent and soon-to-be graduates across Oregon: Congratulations! Our state needs your talents, and I wish you all the best of luck. I hope that as you enter the workforce or…
Jun 12, 2014

We need to keep pace to remain globally competitive

by Katie Riley
As we enter high school graduation season, we have much to celebrate. Our sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are either pursuing post-secondary education or starting careers.…

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