Misogyny: 'a different, darker animal than sexism'

Misogyny: 'a different, darker animal than sexism'

It’s fast becoming an election season buzzword: Misogyny. High-profile newspapers are...



Trees tumble, branches fall in western Washington County during Typhoon Songda's last gasp Dan...

Wheat? Trees? Bikes? Banks residents comment on proposed logo

Wheat? Trees? Bikes? Banks residents comment on proposed logo

Banks volunteers presented a newly proposed city logo to attendees of a recent open house and...

Forest Grove residents, businesses got their goat

Forest Grove residents, businesses got their goat

All Forest Grove residents had to do to help the hungry last week was pet a friendly goat —...

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Brought to you by Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy

Nicki Ruegsegger

Therapeutic Associates, Forest Grove would like to introduce our new Physical Therapist, Nicole Ruegsegger, PT, DPT.

Nicki completed both her undergraduate and doctorate degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She received her Bachelors in Kinesiology-Exercise and Movement Science in 2013 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2016.

Nicki has a strong passion for motivating individuals to live a healthy and well-balanced life. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and utilizes the optimization of movement and strength as an integral part of her treatment plans to reduce pain and dysfunction while preventing future injuries.

Outside of the clinic, Nicki enjoys spending time hiking, weightlifting, playing basketball and volleyball, cooking, and cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers and the Green Bay Packers!

Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy is a warm, friendly clinic that values one-on-one personal interactions with each patient. We are committed to our community and regularly provide support and sponsorship of Pacific University and Forest Grove high school athletics, as well as other community events

Brought to you by Janet Peters, Insurance Expert

Janet Peters

An annual insurance review is important to protect your family’s home and belongings and to prevent what is called a coverage gap. A coverage gap occurs when the value of your belongings exceeds your coverage.

A new baby will change your life insurance policy both to increase coverage and add a beneficiary. If you have remodeled or bought a new home or if it has been awhile since you bought the original policy, make sure that you have enough coverage to rebuild in case of a loss. And if your 16 year-old is driving you will want to change your car insurance!

When you meet with your agent, it is helpful to bring all your existing insurance policies. For new car insurance, bring the names and driver’s licenses for any new drivers in your household and registration documentation.

Odometer readings are also helpful for determining car insurance rates. Bring your lease agreement if you have renter’s insurance. These items help your agent determine what coverage you need and supply other important information.

Another way to determine homeowner coverage is to conduct a home inventory of all your possessions. You can add an app for your phone for this or check out the Allstate website for help.

Ask if you qualify for discounts, if you are retirement age, or have good grades or belong to a motor club.

Like home maintenance, an annual insurance review is something that can go a long way to protecting what is likely your biggest investment. Janet will know the details of coverage for your neighborhood and can help you get the correct coverage for all your possessions.





This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brought to you by Holly Witte, Wine Connoisseur

Holly Witte

Good news! Every year we live by the weather in the vine­yard.

This year, the surprisingly warm April and May gave us an early start, which proved to be good news in the summer months - dry and warm but not hot. This produced an early har­vest and good weather for the harvest. Last year we finished harvest on October 4th. This year, we were essentially done by the third week in September, with the exception of some Pi not noir we are leaving on the vine to produce another vintage of Port-style wine and our Ries­ling, which always benefits from some extra time.

Plenty of warm afternoons and cool evenings allowed the Pinot noir to hang on the vine and for us to harvest it at its peak, rather than compromise because of bad weather. The yields are extra nice and, be­cause it’s an early harvest, there is little or no bird damage from the migrating species - starlings and robins. The juices taste good, the color is excellent in the pinot, the flavors are extraordi­nary.

When to harvest is based on ripeness and a guide to this is numbers: brix (level of sugar in the grapes) determines the alcohol content; acid for the nice fruit tastes and pleasant aromas; the Ph, which plays a role in the stability of the wine. Wine making is part science and part art.

Looks like good news all around for good wine next year.

A Blooming Hill Vineyard and Winery

5195 SW Hergert Rd.

Cornelius, OR 97113

HYPERLINK "\dc-fgfgmacInsider ExpertsWine.Holly Wittewww.abloominghillvineyard.com "www.abloominghillvineyard.com

Brought to you by Chris and Victoria Garfield, Real Estate Experts

Chris and Victoria GarfieldSo you are driving by a beautiful house for sale and you call the agent listed on the for sale sign. But this call goes to the listing agent, who represents the seller. This means the agent is working on behalf of the seller to get the highest possible price and best terms for the seller, not the buyer, who is you. Conversely, if you are the seller, your listing agent is your biggest advocate. You want your listing agent to get the best deal for you. Your listing agent will help you in many other ways, including coordinating the purchase process with inspectors, appraisers, title company agents and others, hosting open houses and verifying the buyer’s eligibility to purchase. In other words, the listing agent will make selling your home as easy as possible for you.

Better to call your own buyer agent, who you have chosen before you began house hunting. You have told them what you are looking for and your budget. A buyer agent works on behalf of the buyer, negotiating the best terms and price for the buyer. And the buyer agent services are free. Only the seller pays a commission so having an agent represent you is a win-win situation. They will be knowledgeable about the area and can guide you through the stress of buying a home.

Chris and Victoria Garfield at John L. Scott Marker Center in Forest Grove are able to represent you whether you are selling or buying. They know how to protect your interests and negotiate the best price and terms for you. Call them at 503-359-9100 to find out more about buying or selling a home.

John L. Scott Market Center

1936 Pacific Ave.

Forest Grove, OR 97116



Brought to you by Nate Boyd Insider Fitness Expert

Nate Boyd

It is here, finally. The Gym is proud to present: UNLIMITED ACCESS to our training and fitness equipment. We now have all access memberships, meaning we stay open 24 hours a day for our members. Workout any hour of the day or night on The Gym’s fabulous equipment. Lift weights at 2 a.m. or 11 p.m. Find the time that works best for you and your life. Simply sign up during regular business hours for your membership and YOU will be able to work on your fitness goals whenever it’s convenient. No more excuses, no more too late or too early, no more missing a chance to get in shape! Don’t forget we still have classes at The Gym! We have something for all fitness levels at many different times during the day. Classes are a great way to connect with other people who share your interest in a healthy lifestyle. They can freshen up your routine and motivate you to work harder if you are with other folks. Most of all, classes are fun! Call us here at The Gym to learn about our instructors and times. Lift weights, do cardio, stretch or drink whey. We have it all, for you, to be healthy, 25 hours a day!

The Gym

1901 Mountain View Lane

Forest Grove, OR 97116



Brought to you by Dr. Scott Hein, PT, DPT, OCS, of Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy

Dr. Scott Hein, PT, DPT, OCSAmerica is in pain. Current data indicates more than 100 million people in the US suffer from some form of persistent pain – despite a significantly increasing rate of injections, surgery, and opioid medications. The evidence for therapeutic approaches in treating people with pain is ever-increasing, resulting in treatments such as pain neuroscience education. This approach empowers those suffering pain by answering the question, “Why Do I Hurt?” Skilled education delivered to people in pain has shown dramatic responses in multiple studies. The more people know about their pain and what it really means, the less they have it. The mantra “Know pain, Know gain” reminds us of this impact.


Scott Hein, clinic director of Therapeutic Associates, Forest Grove Physical Therapy recently completed a new clinical certification!

Scott completed 6-months of intensive coursework to become certified as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist as of July 2016.

Completion of this program ensures that a Physical Therapist (PT) is utilizing the most up-to-date information and clinical advancements to assist patients in pain, and has demonstrated competency to do the following:

Become a certified, highly skilled, autonomous clinician with advanced proficiency in evaluation and treatment of chronic pain.

Make evidence-based practice an immediate reality in the clinic.

Enhance critical thinking and movement to improve a patient’s outcome of care.

Improve knowledge of current research related to the science of pain and how to treat it.

Please feel free to call the clinic to inquire more about what treatment approach Therapeutic Associates, Forest Grove Physical Therapy offers based on Scott’s work with the Therapeutic Pain Specialist program. Or if you’re in persistent pain, call the clinic today to schedule an appointment and get ready to move on with your life!


2005 ELM ST. #200





Brought to you by Scott Palmer, Theatre Expert

Scott Palmer

For the past three years, Bag&Baggage (Hillsboro’s resi­dent professional theatre compa­ny) has been embracing the Hal­loween season with a series of terrifying, thrilling murder mys­tery plays. Dial “M” For Murder and Rope were two of our most successful theatrical productions ever, bringing chills and thrills to thousands of audience members throughout October.

This season is no different; Bag&Baggage is proud to pres­ent the Pacific Northwest pre­miere of a powerful, haunting, and gripping tale of three wives, three bathtubs, and one terrify­ing serial killer: The Drowning Girls.

George Joseph Smith, or The Brides In Bath Murderer as he was called by the British press in the late 1920s, was dashing, charming, and a vicious murder­er. Smith was found guilty in the 1920s of marrying three differ­ent women and then drowning them in their baths for the insur­ance money. The question was; How could these three healthy women, all in the prime of life, be murdered in their bathtubs and leave no signs of a struggle? How could Smith get these women to first marry him, then sign over their personal wealth, and then succeed in killing them without any suspicion? The Brides In The Baths were one of Britian’s most sensational murder sprees, and The Drowning Girls intro­duces audiences to the victims, and to the murder method, in a powerful, lyrical, and ultimately redemptive way.

Bag&Baggage is delighted to be the first company in the Pa­cific Northwest to produce the show, and hope you will join us for a night of murder most foul! The Drowning Girls runs from October 13 – October 31 at The Venetian Theatre. Infor­mation can be found online at www.bagnbaggage.org.






Brought to you by Kevin Kuntz, Heating and Cooling Expert

Kevin KuntzWhen building your dream house, the heating and cooling systems are often an afterthought. Home builders can arrange them for you but wouldn’t it be nice to know the system you have in your home is properly sized and installed by experts? We will help you choose the best system for your home and install it to exacting standards.

At Hybrid all of our duct systems are installed by 10-30 year industry veterans. Quality counts in this area, not quantity. Without properly sized and installed ductwork the home will never be comfortable.

We install a minimum of two return air vents in homes no matter the size. Air movement is critical in comfort and equipment efficiency.

Furnaces are often installed before sheetrock, then used to dry out the home and keep it dry during construction. This voids every furnace manufacturer’s warranty. The furnace must not be used for construction dry out. OREGON code also does not allow the furnace to be put into operation until after the interior paint is complete. Hybrid adheres to code and warranty requirements during installation.

We screen all floor vents during construction and filter return air vents to prevent construction debris from getting into them. It’s not uncommon for us to pull out wood 2x4, plastic bottles, nails, and wood chips from the vents. If left unattended these items can reduce air flow and in some cases damage the ductwork.

Here at Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning we only sell to residential custom new construction homes, where we are working one on one with the homeowner, to provide the best possible system for their budget.






Brought to you by Janet Peters, Allstate Agent

Janet Peters, Allstate AgentIt's not easy to think about: What would happen if you were to pass away? When it comes to protecting your loved ones with life insurance, it's important to separate fact from fiction. Learn the truth about five life insurance myths — it may change your perspective and lead you to make informed decisions about purchasing a policy.

I'm single, or married with no children, so I don't need life insurance. Life insurance may help your loved ones pay off your debts (like some private college loans, for instance) if you pass away. Planning early helps protect your loved ones from burdensome expenses. I can't afford life insurance. Life insurance can be very affordable for many people, depending on the coverage you’re looking for. You can start with a policy that fits your budget, and you may be able to purchase additional coverage later on. I'm a stay-at-home parent with no income. I don't need life insurance. You may not bring in a paycheck but you provide services that cost tens of thousands of dollars each year, including child care, daily transportation, home maintenance and cooking. If you pass away, life insurance may cover these costs. My beneficiaries will have to pay taxes on the proceeds from my life insurance policy. Your life insurance benefits are income-tax-free and do not have to be reported, according to the IRS.

I don't need life insurance once my children are adults. Life insurance pays for final costs, estate taxes, paying off any debt, or leaving an inheritance.

No matter where you are in life, it's important to help protect your loved ones and your assets with life insurance. If you have any questions, reach out to Janet at Allstate.






Brought to you by Nell Rafalovich, PA-C, of Maple Street Clinic

Nell Rafalovich, PA-CAbout one-third of children and adolescents in the United States are either overweight or obese. At Maple Street Clinic, family is our focus, and keeping children healthy is a cornerstone of our goal. We encourage exercise and healthy eating at every age, but it is especially important for children to be physically active and be provided healthy meals and snacks for them to thrive.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests environmental factors contribute to the development of obesity in children, including increasing trends in glycemic index of foods, sugary beverages, larger portion sizes for prepared foods, fast food service, diminishing family presence at meals, decreasing structured physical activity, and less sleep. Television viewing is one of the established environmental influences on the development of obesity during childhood.

Tips for parents

* Make time to be active. School-aged youth should participate every day in 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity that is right for their age, enjoyable, and involves a variety of activities.

* Limit sedentary activities. Spend no more than 2 hours per day in front of a screen.

* Keep an activity log. The use of activity logs can help children and teens keep track of their exercise programs and physical activity.

* Focus on the positive. Praising participation over winning and encouraging positive behaviors are important, especially if a child is less active and interested in sports.

* Be a role model.

The Maple Street Clinic doctors and staff can help children to meet their health goals. Call us to schedule an appointment. 503-357-2136.





HYPERLINK "http://www.maplestreetclinic.com/" www.maplestreetclinic.com

Brought to you by Holly Witte, Wine Connoisseur

Holly WitteThe grapes on the vines look beautiful, plump and taste sweet. We love them…but so do the birds! Neighbors are preparing for the annual annoyance of propane cannons going off randomly.

What is going on? We are trying to save as much of the grape harvest for the wine and keep the starlings and migrating robins from feasting. In the last few years, a new approach has emerged: falconry. Those big, heavy and majestic birds that perch on the leather cuffed hand of their handlers are allowed into the vineyard to scare the heck out of the starlings and any other creature they can root out. The goal is to scare the scavengers, not kill them. Falcons can cover 500 acres.

It isn’t a perfect system. Rick Willis of Birdguard, a Sisters, OR company says, “With a falcon, if it’s at the North end, the starlings are at the South end.” The robins feed under the vines and aren’t bothered by the falcons. The falcon doesn’t see them and they don’t see the falcon and are not scared away. Birdguard uses electronic distressed bird calls. Cooper’s Hawks and Red Tail Hawks shrieking into the air are pretty terrifying, at least to human ears.

It’s not possible to completely eliminate the problem. Here’s what we did when there was too much loss: Jim decided there wasn’t enough for individual wines so he made a blend we called Mingle. That was 2008. It has been our most popular summer white ever since!

A Blooming Hill Vineyard & Winery

5195 SW Hergert Road

Cornelius, OR 97113



Brought to you by Nate Boyd, Fitness Expert

Nate BoydIf you didn’t read the June column about why you should go to The Gym in the summer (tsk, tsk!) this column is especially for you! You didn’t stay in shape, you drank too many summer beverages or you have been planted in front of the tube watching the Olympics and all those food commercials and eating, eating, eating! Now is the time to get back into shape for Fall.

If you can, schedule time with your trainer at the gym. Since your body isn’t used to strain right now, a trainer will make sure you don’t overstrain, your first time back, and since you are out of practice, can set a workout schedule that works for you.

Start with something easy, doing about ½ of what you were doing before you stopped. You are going to be sorry if you pedal for an hour on the exercise bike the first time you hop on. Those sore muscles are not going to inspire you to continue and it is hard to walk into The Gym if you can’t walk!

Do your cardio first. You will warm up those sluggish muscles and increasing your cardio fitness will make future workouts more productive.

Try something new and different this time. Being bored with a workout makes it more difficult to keep it up. Try racquetball or an elliptical machine. Take a new class. Your trainer can help you with suggestions for fun workouts.

Make sure your diet supports your fitness goals. This is a great time of year for fresh fruits and veggies. Salads, grilled vegetables, smoothies at the smoothie bar, yes! Pizza and chips in front of the television, no!

Don’t beat yourself up about your break, just set some realistic goals and get started.





HYPERLINK "https://www.facebook.com/THE-GYM-95387570309/?fref=ts" www.facebook.com/THE-GYM-95387570309/?fref=ts

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Forest Grove's Latest News

October 19, 2016

Red Cross asks for blood donations

by Pamplin Media Group
The American Red Cross urges eligible donors to give blood to support cancer patients and other patients during Breast Cancer…
HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: TRAVIS LOOSE - At last week's Project Homeless Connect event in Hillsboro, people from across the Portland area were given access to books, clothes, haircuts and government resorces, medical checkups and even massages.
October 19, 2016

Making connections, one homeless person at a time

by Travis Loose
Local nonprofit offers outreach and resources to folks on the streets Last February, Mike Frick stood before the Hillsboro City…
October 18, 2016

Forest Grove approves two pot-growing operations

by Stephanie Haugen
Indoor grow sites to go in on Heather and Elm streets Forest Grove will be welcoming two new indoor marijuana growing facilities to…

October 18, 2016

Forest Grove police log

by Pamplin Media Group
Oct. 9 - Police responded to a domestic disturbance after a man learned his wife was having an inappropriate relationship with his…
October 18, 2016

Forest Grove council candidates explain views on city

by Stephanie Haugen
Marijuana, growth, sustainability all topics of discussion Nearly 25 people braved the wind and rain Thursday, Oct. 13, to hear what…
October 18, 2016

Sheriff's office won't arrest former corporal after alleged harassment

by Geoff Pursinger
The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has said it will not arrest a former sheriff’s deputy after he was accused of exposing himself…
October 18, 2016

Need a home? Consult an online matchmaker

by Jill Rehkopf Smith
Let's Share Housing offers a chance to share skills, friendship and finances For Michele Fiasca, potential housing matches are…
NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: CHASE ALLGOOD - Teens gathered at the Forest Grove Library Saturday, Oct. 15, when they played a life-sized game of Clue.
October 18, 2016

Professor Plum? In the library? With a heavy dictionary?

by (none)
Last Saturday, 26 teens got some early Halloween, whodunit fun at the Forest Grove Library Saturday, Oct. 15, when they played a…
NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: CHASE ALLGOOD - Greg Hollis of Forest Grove Puiblic Works shows Sidney Bates, 7, how to operate a backhoe Saturday, Oct. 15, at the Forest Grove Fire & Rescue Safety Fair.
October 18, 2016

Better safe than soggy

by (none)
Stormy weather didn't stop people from attending the public safety open house at the Forest Grove fire station Saturday. The event…
October 18, 2016

Gaston council candidates talk hopes and history

by Jill Rehkopf Smith
With only five hours left to file to run for office, Gaston City Council’s three open positions still had no candidates. Worried about…
October 18, 2016

All-weather art

by (none)
Die-hard art lovers braved the wind and rain last weekend to visit cozy, colorful art studios across Washington County.
October 17, 2016

Forest Grove Police determine injured man's clown-attack story false

by Nancy Townsley
Police say a man who showed up at a hospital emergency room early Saturday morning, Oct. 15, with serious injuries initially claimed…
Betty Wedell
October 17, 2016

Local veterans head to D.C. to collect kudos

by Stephanie Haugen
Lindsey and Wedell honored for service at nation's capital Two Forest Grove residents in their 90s traveled to Washington D.C. Monday,…
BARBARA SHERMAN - Judi Wandres (center) chats with Summerfield neighbor Judy Richter, who has just donated the bag of food held by Judi's husband J. Wandres for the Portland Food Project.
October 15, 2016

Food pantries benefit many people with minimal effort

by Barbara Sherman
Portland Food Project's simple concept makes donating food easy for everyone About three years ago, someone from the Portland Food…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: JOHN SCHRAG - A large oak tree succumbed to strong winds Saturday afternoon, damaging a truck and residence on Cedar Street in Forest Grove.
October 14, 2016

Tropical storm leaves power outages, flooding in its wake

by Pamplin Media Group
UPDATE: Fire bureau responds to three times the number of emergency calls during windy weather More than 37,000 people across seven…
Herbert 'Howard' Sahnow
October 13, 2016

Elms owner Sahnow sentenced to probation and more

by Stephanie Haugen
Herbert "Howard" Sahnow pleaded guilty Thursday Herbert “Howard” Sahnow, owner of The Elms Retirement Community in Forest Grove, was…
October 13, 2016

Washington County officials advise precaution as wind, rain move into area

by Pamplin Media Group
High winds and heavy rains forecasted for the next several days could create hazardous road conditions, and travelers are advised to…
October 13, 2016

Banks September police log

by Stephanie Haugen
- An unknown suspect stole several car stereo components out of a bedroom. The home owners aren’t sure how they got into the home. - A…
October 12, 2016

Lint, McLain battle for District 29 seat in Salem

by Jill Rehkopf Smith
Candidates differ dramatically on issues, solutions, experience Susan McLain voted to make marijuana legal. Juanita Lint voted against…
October 12, 2016

Coffee, cops draw crowd, questions, compliments

by Stephanie Haugen
Quarterly event aims to make local officers accessible BJ’s Coffee Co. was crowded this morning, with some patrons coming for the…

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NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: CHASE ALLGOOD - Members of the Forest Grove High School cross country team get a fast start in the Run For Shelter 5K Saturday morning, an inaugural event to support temporary emergency shelters in town.
Oct 12, 2016

Run For Shelter draws more than 200 to Forest Grove to support homeless

by Nancy Townsley
Forest Grove resident Sharon Kolb loves to run, and she and her family belong to Sonrise Church in town. So when she heard about a new…
NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: CHASE ALLGOOD - The people who receive goat visits 'will probably be happy,' said Forest Grove High School senior Natasha Wright, who raises goats as FFA projects.
Oct 12, 2016

It's not a ba-a-a-a-ad way to brighten your day

by Stephanie Haugen
Is your office missing something? It has desks, a few nice pieces of artwork, a couple chairs in the lobby, but still feels a bit…
Oct 12, 2016

School notes

by Pamplin Media Group
Teens invited to play life-size Clue The Forest Grove City Library invites all teens to participate in a life-size game of Clue for…
Oct 12, 2016

Construction on Jesse Quinn apartments to start next month in Forest Grove

by Stephanie Haugen
Property will include playground, fitness center, air conditioning, in-unit washer and dryer, gardens Construction will start next…
COURTESY PHOTO: WASHINGTON COUNTY HERITAGE ONLINE - A Pacific University student runs with Boxer under his arm during a Boxer toss, where opposing groups fought to possess the school mascot.
Oct 12, 2016

Boxer sparked hilarity and havoc before disappearing

by Ken and Kris Bilderback
This Sunday marks 47th anniversary of the last time Boxer was seen The Pete Truax of today is a gray-haired, elderly statesman and…
NEWS-TIMES FILE PHOTO - Long traffic tie-ups where Highway 47 intersects with Maple Street and Fernhill Road in Forest Grove tempt drivers and pedestrians waiting on the side streets to take risks in order to cross or turn onto the highway. Some of those risks fail.
Oct 12, 2016

Maple/Fernhill/47 intersection attracts attention from county

by Peter Wong
Martin Road shoulders and a Banks intersection also get help Washington County commissioners last week approved a five-year plan to…
FILE PHOTO - The old Gales Creek Elementary School is now called Oak Grove Academy and houses special education students with severe needs. Local residents have been complaining the last two school years about students leaving during the day and wandering around on roads.
Oct 12, 2016

Gales Creek residents continue to have concerns about Oak Grove Academy

by Stephanie Haugen
A year after a distraught teenage boy ran away from Oak Grove Academy in Gales Creek to wander the nearby neighborhood, residents are…
Oct 12, 2016

Forest Grove police log

by Pamplin Media Group
Oct. 2 - A woman reported she was approached by three subjects offering to sell her "crack." The woman also exhibited some mental…
Oct 12, 2016

Former Pacific football player arrested on rape charge

by Stephanie Haugen
Man held in Hawaii correctional facility until November trail A 20-year-old former Pacific University student was arrested in Hawaii…
Oct 12, 2016

New parks plan proposes more acres, more costs

by Tom Beck
At our Oct. 3 meeting we considered the Parks and Recreation updated master plan. This particular plan falls under the review of the…
Oct 12, 2016

Six classes get spotlight at 2016 alumni celebration

by Pamplin Media Group
Pacific University will welcome alumni back to Forest Grove for a homecoming celebration Friday, Oct. 14, to Sunday, Oct. 16.…
COURTESY GRAPHIC - This logo was the favorite among three presented to Salmonberry Trail leaders last week. The final logo will feature some version of this, including coastal mountains and waters.
Oct 10, 2016

Salmonberry Trail's coastal portion first in line

by Stephanie Haugen
Banks section would be second of four trail sections to be designed The Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency (STIA) is narrowing…
COURTESY PHOTO: SEDER ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN  - This architectural concept illustrates how benches, parking striping, underground powerlines, and lamp posts with flower pots and the new proposed logo could improve Banks Main Street.
Oct 07, 2016

Banks residences weigh on logo, parking, gathering space

by Stephanie Haugen
Open house presents plans for next year through 2036 Banks leaders are preparing to increase parking, improve Main Street, change the…
FILE - The Portland Community College center at Willow Creek is hosting a series of landlord forums this fall and winter.
Oct 06, 2016

Washington County Sheriff's Office, police departments team up to offer landlord forums

by Pamplin Media Group
The 17th season of a series of monthly forums intended to assist landlords and property managers in Washington County kicks off on…
NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: CHASE ALLGOOD - Bridget Likely of the Student Conservation Institution demonstrates the application and hardware used for cataloging forest lands.
Oct 05, 2016

AXE NOT ...what you can do for your forest

by Stephanie Haugen
Ask what your forest can do for you Small, private forestland owners can now make money simply by letting their trees grow. A recently…
Cole uses decorative gravel in his arrangements to liven them up at the surface.
Oct 05, 2016

Dilley teenager wild about succulents

by Stephanie Haugen
Arranging the popular plants gives middle schooler mental break Cole Tullius wakes up at 5:45 a.m. and spends the day studying, taking…
NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: STEPHANIE HAUGEN - The final loop trail will include an entrance near the intersection of Birch Street and 14th Avenue.
Oct 05, 2016

Trail closing Old Town loop to be done by year's end

by Stephanie Haugen
New natural area being managed to draw and protect struggling species Construction has started on the final segment of Forest Grove’s…
Oct 05, 2016

Agencies split law and order duty near new trail area

by Stephanie Haugen
On the land around what will be the full Old Town Loop Trail, any crime or problems fall under four separate jurisdictions. On the B…
COURTESY PHOTOS - Oaks are some of the slowest-growing native trees in the Willamette Valley.
Oct 05, 2016

Funding, help available for oak tree owners

by Stephanie Haugen
Oregon white oaks vital to local bird, bug populations Less than 5 percent of the Oregon white oaks that stood before European…
Oct 05, 2016

Fat and fit: a new way of understanding health

by Stephanie Haugen
Panelists say Body Mass Index ignores emotions, finances and more It’s scarier than cancer, war or losing both parents: Being fat. So…