Gresham girls win premier Invite

Gresham girls win premier Invite

CENTENNIAL INVITATIONALGirls team scores (top three) Team Score ...

Barlow boys sweep the doubles ladder

Barlow boys sweep the doubles ladder

6A BOYS TENNISMount Hood Conference Team Score Barlow7Reynolds1 The Barlow High...

Westview's second punch puts away Gresham 12-4

Westview's second punch puts away Gresham 12-4

Gresham survives an early outburst, but not the second one When the Westview softball team came...

Saints' Super Sophomores

Saints' Super Sophomores

Some team will be celebrating a championship when the Northwest Community College basketball...

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Brought to you by Ken Mitchell-Phillips - The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips - LEGAL INSIDER -

THE LAW OFFICES OF KEN MITCHELL-PHILLIPS - Ken Mitchell-PhillipsA comprehensive business plan is the single most important document you can create before founding a new business.

Whether it’s a full-scale commercial enterprise or a business run out of your garage, a business plan outlines the goals and strategies of your company—everything from marketing and financing to revenue projections and competitor analysis.

The best thing about a business plan is that it forces you, the budding entrepreneur, to face facts and answer the hard questions in an always-changing business environment. But a business transactional lawyer can help you answer the questions you didn’t even think to ask.

For instance, federal and state law enforces restrictions on advertising content for almost every industry. A business lawyer can help you ensure compliance with existing codes while also preventing your liability from charges of misleading marketing.

A business transactional lawyer can provide legal advice pertaining to your financial situation, ensuring you get the best deal from shareholders, co-partners and lenders.

Depending on whether you’re planning on hiring full, part-time or contractor employees, a business transactional lawyer can pinpoint the relevant laws and regulations that will affect employee compensation, retention and benefits.

Business and law are inextricably intertwined. Personally, I have decades of experience drafting business documents, minimizing corporate liability and ensuring compliance, working with Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups. Visit The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips for a professional consultation today!

The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips, P.C.

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Brought to you by Randy Preston - Honke Heating and Air Conditioning - HEATING AND COOLING INSIDER -

HONKE HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING - Randy PrestonYou wouldn’t run your car for six hours a day, every day, and expect it to work perfectly without any maintenance, would you?

Of course not! But somehow we expect the equivalent from our home cooling systems. In my experience, a majority of repair calls we service could have been prevented with regular a maintenance tune up.

The No. 1 reason most homeowners don’t schedule a maintenance tune up is they’re worried it will be a waste of money. In reality, it’s far cheaper to fix a minor problem than pay for a replacement cooling system—especially in the middle of a heat wave! Having a maintenance tune up on your cooling system does not guarantee that you will not have a problem during the cooling season, but it will prevent most minor problems.

Here’s what you get when you schedule a maintenance tune up with Honke Heating and Air Conditioning. First, our trained service technicians will go through your cooling system, we will lubricate all moving parts, we will clean the outdoor condensing unit, check the indoor blower wheel and motor, test for refrigerant leaks and measure airflow through the evaporator coil. We will also check all electrical components and safety switches. We will check the operation of your thermostat.

Manufacturers recommend having your cooling equipment tuned up once a year to help prevent problems and to help your system run at its highest efficiency. This helps you save money.

But for the bigger issues, give Honke Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Trust me, when Oregon’s hot and heavy summer rolls around, you won’t regret it.

Honke Heating & Air Conditioning

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BRIDGE CITY MEDICAL AESTHETICS - Deb-ee Jones, RNToday, I want to tell you about a revolutionary new body-contouring device we just had delivered to Bridge City Medical Aesthetics. It’s called truSculpt, and it’s already getting rave reviews from regulars and walk-ins alike.

truSculpt uses radio frequency technology to target and eliminate fat cells, with the additional benefit of tightening skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. It’s a completely non-invasive outpatient procedure with no discomfort or downtime.

One of the best things about truSculpt is that there’s no “pinch test”—it can work on areas that don’t have enough fat to create a noticeable bulge. That makes it perfect for so-called flat fat on the thighs and abdomen.

Therapy time depends on the area being treated. Small problem areas (like the neck or knees) can be treated in as little as 20 minutes, while larger problem areas can take up to two hours.

To achieve maximum effect, I recommend staggering three treatments over a period of months, allowing three to eight weeks between appointments. Results typically take anywhere from three weeks to four months to appear.

truSculpt is designed to be as safe and comfortable as possible. A few users report temporary feelings of redness, sweating and mild tenderness after undergoing treatment, but these symptoms typically resolve themselves within a few hours.

So what are you waiting for? Stop on by Bridge City Medical Aesthetics to learn if truSculpt is right for you!

Bridge City Medical Aesthetics

1410 NE 106th Ave, Portland, OR 97220

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Brought to you by Rob Cook - Nancy's Floral - FLORIST INSIDER -

NANCY'S FLORAL - Rob CookFido’s not digging up the garden—he’s become one, thanks to the flower artisans at Nancy’s Floral!

If you’ve never seen the a-DOG-able collection before, it’s hard to believe how lifelike these flowery figures appear. Using only a small bundle of white carnations, the staff at Nancy’s Floral sculpt the face, ears and nose of man’s best friend. Two plastic buttons for eyes (and another for the snout) complete the effect.

The hairless hound is then nestled into a larger bouquet filled with springtime blooms, with additional accents and accoutrements available for every occasion.

Bedridden pet lovers will certainly get a kick out of “Doggie Howser M.D.,” which features a medicine bag toting pooch, while “Best in Class” promises a mini cap and gown for the proud graduate. “Yankee Doodle Doogie” is appropriately patriotic, while “You Had Me At Woof” presents two marital-minded mutts. A somber “All Dogs go to Heaven” is perfect for honoring a beloved passed pet.

NANCY'S FLORAL - Arf Arf! Take me home today!“There’s something about a carnation’s petals that really lends itself to the texture of dog fur,” says general manager Rob Cook. “They’re incredible, one-in-a-kind gifts. They have this great sense of whimsy, but they’re also just as fragrant and beautiful to look at as many of the flower arrangements we offer.”

The a-DOG-able collection is available exclusively from Nancy’s Floral and other 1-800-FLOWERS affiliated partners. To see more styles, visit Nancy’s Floral online, or stop in any time.

Nancy’s Floral

620 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 716-4971

Brought to you by Cindy Passannante - C.P. Trips - TRAVEL INSIDER -

C.P. TRIPS - Cindy PassannanteYou’re never too old (or too young) for a magical adventure at Disneyland. It’s the perfect vacation spot for multi-generational groups, with plenty to do for adults and kids alike.

If you’ve never been, Disneyland is split between two parks: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. You can easily spend a day in each section, and still have plenty of rides, shows and other amusements left over.

The two parks are connected by the Downtown Disney District, a combination shopping and nightlife/entertainment mall that is open to the public, not just ticketholders.

There are simply too many attractions at Disneyland to list them all, but starting this summer you can attend an all-new “Frozen” musical showing exclusively at Disneyland.

For Oregonians, it’s only a hop, skip and jump from our lovely state to Anaheim, California. That’s why I recommend visiting Disneyland first, especially if you’ve only got a long weekend to explore the park.

If your trip includes parents and grandparents, mobility may be an issue. Disneyland is pretty good about providing rental scooters at the park entrances, but that may still be too far to walk for some members of your family. However, I know of an alternative rental service that will deliver a scooter straight to your hotel room. If you’re interested in learning more, please give me a call.

Stay tuned for next month’s article, where I’ll discuss taking a trip to Walt Disney World.

C.P. Trips

Damascus, OR 97089

(503) 658-5646

Brought to you by Randy and Dori DeLaunay - Creative Visions Landscapes - LANDSCAPING INSIDER -

CREATIVE VISIONS LANDSCAPES - FROM LEFT: Dori and Randy DeLaunayWant to honor your mom and take home a free fish?

This Mother’s Day weekend, Creative Visions Landscapes will offer one free koi to the first 50 people who stop by—with no purchase necessary. This free gift will be available only on Saturday, May 7 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., with a limit of one fish per family.

To make the day a bit more special, we’ll have free specialty coffees and hot chocolate from 10 a.m. to noon provided by Origin’s Coffee, Tea & Desserts. We’ll also have cookies from Nonnie’s Bake Shop.

If you do decide to buy something, make sure to take advantage of the great coupons we’re currently offering on our website. Until May 31, we’re offering 25 percent off all pond supplies (excluding liner, underlayment and hanging baskets) as well as yard, garden and patio furniture. Check back frequently for more deals and savings!

We’ll also be highlighting our amazing hanging flower baskets at the event, as well as the aquatic plants available from our greenhouse. This year, we partnered with a local nursery to create the baskets.

Looking for a special gift for mom? We’ve got beautiful fountains, birdhouses, statuary, wind chimes and more! Spend $100 on Saturday, May 7 and you’ll be entered to win a gift certificate from Creative Visions!

Coffee and koi will only be available while supplies last, so don’t delay!

Creative Visions Landscapes and Water Garden Center

9965 SE Orient Drive, Boring, OR

(503) 663-5483

Brought to you by Donivon McCord - McCord Construction - CONSTRUCTION INSIDER -

MCCORD CONSTRUCTION - Donivon McCordThere’s nothing quite like the thrill of a new construction project. But when you go at it alone, you risk not only time and money, but the safety of your family. Instead of ending up with a half-finished mess, leave these five projects to the experts.

Window installation. Window framers rely on specialized tools and years of experience to ensure that a window’s flashing and caulk are airtight. In addition to the risk of drafts and insects, improperly installed windows can raise your heating and cooling bills through the roof.

Wall demolition. “What could be easier than picking up a sledgehammer?” Well, watching your house collapse after you remove a load-bearing wall is pretty easy too. Call an architect or a licensed and accredited contractor before you do something foolish.

Plumbing upgrades. There’s no reason not to unclog your own toilet, but more complex tasks should really be left to the professionals. An unexpected leak or pressure increase can cause thousands of dollars of water damage in just minutes.

Deck construction. If you’re building a deck that’s more than a few feet off the ground, call a professional builder. Sudden deck collapses do happen, and usually occur when large groups of friends or family gather.

New additions. Adding a new room to your house is the epitome of too ambitious DIY projects. Even the pros use a general contractor to coordinate all the different specialists required for additions. You should too.

McCord Construction

500 NW 20th St STE 202, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 348-2366

Brought to you by Doug Lepper - Crown Carpets - FLOORING INSIDER -

CROWN CARPETS - Doug LepperEarth Day has come and gone, but environmentally-friendly flooring is available from Crown Carpets year round!

This month, we’re taking a look at some of our most eco-friendly products. It’s part of Crown Carpets’ larger commitment to the planet and our “green-minded” customers.

Hard Surface Flooring

Linoleum is made from wood pulp and linseed oil. It is available in a vast color selection. It’s very durable and applicable for both residential and commercial use. The most famous brand is “Marmoleum” but Armstrong also makes a version that is gorgeous!

Cork flooring is created by peeling the outer bark from trees, which then regenerate so they can later be peeled again. Cork is warm and quiet, but somewhat maintenance intensive.

Bamboo, a readily renewable resource available in natural and carbonized (caramel) colors and both horizontal and vertical grain looks. Please beware of cheap imported bamboo products that are not dimensionally stable and will cause you problems.

Domestic hardwoods are available in oak, cherry, walnut and hickory taken from trees that are farmed specifically for this purpose, eliminating the need to cut down old-growth timber.


Wool is available in many rich colors and stylish patterns. Look for “long staple” wools, most often from New Zealand sheep, to reduce the incidence of pilling and shedding.

PET polyester is made from recycled water bottles and two-liter pop bottles—perfect for those who wish to have the low maintenance of synthetic fiber carpets while keeping bottles out of the landfill.

Note: Both wool and polyester carpets can be installed over felt or urethane cushions that also contain recycled content.

Crown Carpets has many samples of these and other earth-friendly products available for viewing. Come borrow them, take them home, and see how they fit into your indoor world!

Crown Carpets

21655 SE Stark, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 665-4162

Brought to you by Dr. Ryan Thomas - Hillcrest Chiropractic Clinic - CHIROPRACTIC INSIDER -

HILLCREST CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC - Dr. Ryan ThomasYou’ve just been rear-ended during a motor vehicle collision. You begin to suffer from acute aches in your neck, shoulder muscles and upper back.

Your first question: “When will the pain stop?”

With some research papers showing that the painful effects of whiplash can linger for over a decade, it’s natural to worry about long-term pain and chronic symptoms after a rear end car crash.

Thankfully, decades of pain is not the norm, especially for patients who seek immediate treatment. One study published in a French medical journal shows that about half of those with whiplash will experience “significant relief” of their symptoms within a year.

The biggest risk factors are age, occupation and, unsurprisingly, severity of the injury. Patients who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or have previously experienced whiplash are at risk for increased and prolonged pain. Not seeking treatment is another risk factor.

Of course, every case of whiplash is different, and every treatment plan developed by Hillcrest Chiropractic Clinic is individually tailored to the patient at hand. But, in general, with a full treatment of chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and massage therapy you can measure your recovery in months, not years.

At Hillcrest Chiropractic Clinic, we use spinal manipulation, therapeutic massage and exercise, modalities and J-Tech evaluation equipment to ensure every patient’s full and speedy recovery. Schedule an appointment for a professional consultation today!

Hillcrest Chiropractic Clinic

329 NE Hood Ave, Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 491-0388

Brought to you by Marie Nicholson - Cherry Park Plaza - RETIREMENT INSIDER -

CHERRY PARK PLAZA - Marie NicholsonAt Cherry Park Plaza, we believe that an active lifestyle is key to independent senior living. In fact, anyone can benefit from habitual exercise and movement, regardless of age.

Studies show that regular exercise can alleviate the symptoms of several chronic diseases—and reduce your risk of developing many others, including heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Exercise can also help correct problems with balance, posture or high blood pressure.

So at Cherry Park, we offer a variety of health and wellness classes designed for every age and skill level. One of our most popular classes is called Sittercise. For those who don’t know, Sittercise is just like normal exercise, but performed sitting down. These workouts focus on building strength, balance and coordination, and some of the exercises are as simple as rotating and flexing an unused muscle or joint.

Cherry Park also offers senior yoga and senior balance and posture classes. Many residents enjoy participating in our indoor walking clubs, which promote activity when inclement weather makes strolling outside unappetizing.

For those who want to glide through the water, Cherry Park can help you register for senior classes at the Mt. Hood Community College pool. Some insurance companies also include gym memberships for seniors as part of their benefit programs.

So there you have it! For more information on living an active, independent life at Cherry Park Plaza, drop on by or give us a call.

Cherry Park Plaza

(503) 491-1661

1323 SW Cherry Park Rd, Troutdale, OR 97060

Brought to you by Randall Wilson - Huntington Terrace - ASSISTED LIVING INSIDER -

HUNTINGTON TERRACE - Randall WilsonThe residents at Huntington Terrace Assisted Living already know they’re living in Gresham’s premier senior living community.

But there are big differences between assisted and independent living. You may not have access to the care you need at an independent living center, nor will you be able to age in place. Here are the key differences:

Independent Living.

Independent living communities are perfect for seniors looking for more opportunities to socialize with people their own age—or who are tired of the endless hassle of home maintenance and upkeep.

Independent living centers generally take the form of many studio, one- or two-bedroom apartments or cottages. A full kitchen is typical, and residents can choose between preparing their own meals or eating at a central dining hall. A meal plan is generally not included in the base price, though transportation and recreational activities are. Housekeeping services are usually provided as well.

Assisted Living.

Assisted living communities provide all the amenities of independent living—plus a little extra care for those daily tasks of living. The on-call staff at assisted living homes can aid with grooming, dressing, personal hygiene, mobility and medication management.

Apartments generally feature a kitchenette and full bathroom. Planned excursions and other leisure activities are included in the base price, along with a meal plan.

Assisted living caregivers can’t provide the same medical services as a hospital or hospice, nor are they equipped to handle persons with severe cognitive impairment or memory issues.

Prestige Senior Living - Huntington Terrace

1410 NE Cleveland Ave, Gresham, Oregon 97030

(503) 465-1404

Brought to you by Dan Schofield - Weston KIA, GMC and Buick - AUTOMOTIVE INSIDER -

WESTON KIA, GMC AND BUICK - Dan SchofieldYour car has faithfully carried you through the gloomy days of winter.

Now that spring is making its appearance with glimpses of the warm sun to come, it’s time to return the favor with some care and maintenance. A good cleaning, inside and out, is a great place to start.

Get the de-icer residue off the outside of the car with a good wash, and clean out the build up of muck that inevitably builds up inside the car during the winter. Clean all of the interior glass before the bright sun of spring creates unsafe glare.

You’ll want to make sure your ride is in tip-top shape before you hit the road for that spring break adventure. First, unless you’re heading for a ski vacation, you’ll want to get those snow tires taken off to preserve their special tread for winters to come.

It’s a great time to have all of your tires inspected and a 4-wheel alignment performed. The service team at Weston knows just what to look for when they see unusual tire wear, and can catch problems early, enhancing safety and preventing premature tire replacement.

If you do need new tires, spring is an excellent time to get them, and the fresh tread can give you great confidence during those May showers.

Consult your owners’ manual or contact Weston to make sure you’re up to date on all of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. Cold temperatures and short trips are hard on your engine’s fluids, so get them checked out before any long drives.

Weston offers comprehensive free multi-point inspections for your vehicle’s systems, and can help to identify any issues before they leave you stranded or delayed.

Be sure to visit for the latest service specials and to make an appointment to visit the service department.

Weston KIA, GMC and Buick

22555 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97030

(503) 665-2166

Gresham's Sports

TIMES PHOTO: DAN BROOD - Sherwood freshman shortstop Anthony Garrett looks to make  a throw to first base after forcing out Tigard junior Ryan Worthley at second base in Thursday's game.
April 29, 2016

Check out today's covered baseball and softball games

by Miles Vance
It's baseball, baseball and more baseball this Friday. And at least a bit of softball. If you check out the new Prep Baseball/Softball tab — you can see it by hovering over the Sports tab at the top of this web page — you'll see a ton of softball…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Popular Portland sportscaster Joe Becker has 32 years with KGW (8) to celebrate as he heads into retirement.
April 26, 2016

Signing off

by Kerry Eggers
TV sportscaster Joe Becker, who 'did it my way,' now opts for early retirement On his first night as a civilian in 37 years, Joe Becker had a grand time at Moda Center. The day after his retirement following a 32-year career as a sportscaster at KGW…
OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Barlow shortstop Meagan Bratcher hangs on to the ball after tagging out Reynolds runner Autumn Hall Monday in the Raiders' 10-9 win.
April 25, 2016

SLIDESHOW: Reynolds edges Barlow in thriller 10-9

by Pamplin Media Group
Reynolds held off Barlow 10-9 in Mount Hood Conference softball Monday afternoon at Reynolds High School. The Raiders withstood a five-run sixth inning from the visiting Bruins, which included a grand slam home run from Morgan Bratcher. A photo…

TIMES PHOTO: MATT SINGLEDECKER - Jesuit's Nolan McCarthy makes a play during his team's Friday victory over Sunset at Sunset High School.
April 22, 2016

High school baseball and softball scores are here for April 21-22

by Miles Vance
First the sun shone, then the skies darkened the wind came up, the rains fell, the clouds cleared, the winds died away, the skies cleared and the sun shone again. Welcome to a 24-hour period in Oregon spring sports. Despite the disparate nature of…
INDEPENDENT PHOTO: PHIL HAWKINS - Kennedy junior Emily Frey rounds third and heads home to score the Trojans first run of the game in a 12-2 victory over the St. Paul Buckaroos on Friday.
April 22, 2016

Check out our best high school baseball and softball photos from April 22

by Miles Vance
You can contain Oregon high school baseball and softball teams, but you can't stop them. A day after many of the state's northern teams moved games ahead by a day to avoid Friday's expected inclement weather, some of the best baseball and softball…
INDEPENDENT PHOTO: PHIL HAWKINS - Kennedy junior Emily Frey rounds third and heads home to score the Trojans first run of the game in a 12-2 victory over the St. Paul Buckaroos on Friday.
April 22, 2016

Check out our best high school baseball and softball photos from April 21

by Miles Vance
The best laid plans ... You may know the rest of this quote, but for today's purposes, it means this — expected Friday rain meant that several of our area baseball and softball teams moved their Friday games up a day and played on Thursday. And so,…
OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Gresham players celebrate scoring a run Wednesday in the Gophers' 4-2 softball win over rival Barlow High School.
April 15, 2016

Gophers snap streak against rivals

by Mike Weber
Pair of sixth-inning runs lift Gresham over the top The Gresham Gophers kicked off the Mount Hood Conference softball season against the three-time defending league champion Barlow Bruins. The Gophers came into the game staring at a 20-game losing…
THE OUTLOOK: PARKER LEE - Barlows Kelsey Houston hands the baton off to Olivia Johnson on the way to a Bruins victory in the 4 x 800 relay Saturday.
April 16, 2016

Barlow girls shine at Sandy Invitational

by Parker Lee
The Barlow girls track and field team scored a big-time victory on Saturday as it finished atop the girls leaderboard at the nine-team Sandy Invitational. The Barlow sprinters lifted the Bruins to a score of 132.5 to beat out second-place Ridgeview…
TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Westview pitcher Donovan Baldocchi cranks it up during Westview's 17-2 Metro League win over Sunset at Westview High School on Friday.
April 11, 2016

Friday's top five: Check out the five biggest games from March 8

by Miles Vance
It may be early in the season, but that doesn't mean there weren't big games galore on Friday afternoon. And with all that excitement going on, Community Newspapers was there to document a bunch of it. Among the games covered by Community…
REVIEW PHOTO: JOHN LARIVIERE - La Salle starting pitcher Levi Miles pitches to Liberty catcher John Jensen in the bottom of the third inning.
April 08, 2016

High school baseball and softball scores are here for April 8

by Miles Vance
The dream is alive and well for Oregon's high school baseball and softball teams. Most leagues are still in the early portion of their 2016 seasons so the chances for league titles and state playoff berths are thriving almost everywhere. And among…
TIMES PHOTO: MATT SINGLEDECKER - Westview's Luke Pilat and the Wildcats hope to extend their fast start today against Sunset at 5 p.m. at Westview High School.
April 08, 2016

Check out today's covered baseball and softball games

by Miles Vance
Grab your glove, slip on your hat and find your best bat — it's game time. Today marks the debut of the new Prep Baseball/Softball tab for Community Newspapers — you can see it by hovering over the Sports tab at the top of this web page — as well as…
TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - Westview second baseman Jayden Hanna gets ready to catch the ball and chase Sunset's Tyler Sumner during his team's 17-2 Metro League win at Westview High School on Friday.
April 08, 2016

Check out our best high school baseball and softball photos from April 8

by Miles Vance
Seriously — does it get any better than this? The state's best players in both baseball and softball, the best weather in the world, and some killer photography from Community Newspapers' best. Today's games had all of that and more, and so, in…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Greshams Brett Falkner dives home ahead of Clackamas catcher Jordan Mambaje for the games first run in the third inning Monday.
April 16, 2016

Defense carries Gophers to opening win

by David Ball
6A BASEBALLMount Hood Conference Team Score Gresham 3Clackamas1 CLACKAMAS — Gresham High pitcher Hunter Hemenway left the Clackamas batters flabbergasted on his way to a 3-1 win Monday in the Mount Hood Conference baseball opener. The Cavaliers had…
THE OUTLOOK: PARKER LEE - Centennial starter A.J. Hergert delivers a pitch during the Eagles dramatic 1-0 win over Barlow to start league play Tuesday.
April 16, 2016

Fitzgerald, Eagles steal win

by Parker Lee
6A BASEBALLMount Hood Conference Team Score Centennial1Barlow0 Runs were beyond elusive when Barlow and Centennial met up for the Mt. Hood Conference opener on Tuesday. The holy grail of home plate was so near-impossible to attain that Eagle right…
OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - A Reynolds runner tries to score Wednesday in the Raiders' 12-11 softball win over visiting Canby.
April 07, 2016

SLIDESHOW: Reynolds edges Canby in softball shootout

by Josh Kulla
Reynolds High School (Troutdale) edged visiting Canby High School 12-11 Wednesday, April 6, in OSAA class 6A non-league prep softball. Below is a photo gallery from the game. OUTLOOK PHOTOS: JOSH KULLA…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Reynolds Jacob Fry turns the corner while Hermistons Graydon Fritz manages the water jump behind during the steeplechase race Friday.
April 06, 2016

Barlow girls sprint to East County Classic title

by David Ball
TROUTDALE — The Barlow High girls track team piled up 148.5 points to win the team title at the seven-team East County Classic last Friday. The Bruins did most of their damage in the sprints, highlighted by Sara Turner and Renick Meyer with a 1-2…
THE OUTLOOK: PARKER LEE - Reynolds Caleb Nutting sends a bunt in play during Fridays 11-6 home win over Sandy.
April 06, 2016

Verdieck does a bit of everything as Raiders roll past Sandy

by Parker Lee
PREP BASEBALLNonleague game Team Score Reynolds11Sandy6 Reynolds junior Steven Verdieck started Friday’s non-league tilt with Sandy behind the plate with the catcher’s gear on. He had no reason to believe he wouldn’t be there for the duration, but…
THE OUTLOOK: PARKER LEE - Reynolds Chase Strickland fires a throw across the infield to get a West Albany runner Monday.
April 06, 2016

West Albany miscues help Raiders extend win streak

by Parker Lee
PREP BASEBALLNonleague Team Score Reynolds4West Albany3 TROUTDALE — West Albany starter Jacob Miller was brilliant for the Bulldogs at Reynolds on Monday. The defense behind him? Not so much. West Albany wasted Miller’s gem by committing eight…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Greshams Bailey Supan flips the scorecards during a second-set switchover alongside teammate Hannah Hohbach during the pairs 6-0, 6-1 win in No. 1 doubles.
April 06, 2016

Tiebreaker goes wrong way for Gophers

by David Ball
GIRLS TENNISMHC dual Team Score Oregon City9Gresham8 The Gresham High girls tennis team had victory in its sights most of the day only to have Oregon City steal away a 9-8 tiebreaker win in the end. The Gophers won four of the initial six matches to…
TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Fred Jones dunks for Oregon during a career in which the Ducks made it to the Elite Eight.
April 06, 2016

Fred Jones, who had his NCAA Tournament big moment for Oregon, says these Ducks are ready for…

by Jeff Smith
ANAHEIM, Calif. — Fourteen years ago, Freddie Jones drove through the lane and smoothly executed a game-winning finger roll. Jones’ basket with 2.8 seconds left delivered Oregon a dramatic 72-70 win over Texas in a Sweet 16 matchup of the 2002 NCAA…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: JIM COWSERT - Oregon State players and coach Scott Rueck (right) celebrate with the regional trophy at Dallas on Monday night, after downing Baylor 60-57.
March 29, 2016

Beavers' dream comes true: Final Four

by Kerry Eggers
Gabriella Hanson hits a baseline jumper for the go-ahead points with 3:28 to play DALLAS — King Kong went down Monday night at the American Airlines Center. Godzilla comes next. Oregon State’s incredible journey continues on to Indianapolis and the…
OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Barlow shortstop Meagan Bratcher makes a diving catch Monday in the Bruins' 5-3 loss to visiting Rex Putnam High School.
March 29, 2016

SLIDESHOW: Putnam softball drops Barlow 5-3

by Pamplin Media Group
Visiting Rex Putnam High School felt right at home Monday at Sam Barlow High. The class 5A Kingsmen took home a 5-3 win in prep softball against a Bruin team that advanced to the class 6A semifinals a year ago. Below is a photo slideshow from…
OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Wilsonville pitcher Tom Gomez threw a complete game shutout Tuesday as the Wildcats beat Gresham 2-0 at Gresham High School.
March 29, 2016

SLIDESHOW: Gomez leads Wilsonville to 2-0 blanking of Gresham

by Pamplin Media Group
Wilsonville pitcher Tom Gomez threw a complete-game shutout Tuesday, as the class 5A Wildcats dropped Gresham at home 2-0 in non-conference prep baseball. A photo slideshow from the game is shown below. OUTLOOK PHOTOS: JOSH KULLA…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - David Douglass Kailey Ritchardson is welcomed to the plate after hitting a two-run homer in the first inning of Mondays 8-4 win over St. Helens.
March 29, 2016

Douglas defense answers the call

by David Ball
The David Douglas softball team shut down a couple of comeback attempts to pick up a quality 8-4 win Monday over a St. Helens squad that reached the 5A quarterfinals last season. The Scots got out to a quick 5-0 second inning lead, powered by Kailey…
SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Lions senior second base Hannah Jordan (2) scores in St. Helens' 6-4 home loss to undefeated Class 6A  No. 3 Jesuit on Monday.
March 29, 2016

St. Helens softball takes Jesuit to the wire

by Jake McNeal
Class 6A No. 3 Crusaders survive 6-4 Hannah Jordan and Taylor Leal kept unbeaten Class 6A No. 3 Jesuit on edge on Tuesday in St. Helens. Jordan beat a bad throw to first and Leal drew a walk with two outs in the seventh, but the Crusaders struck out…

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OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Liberty High School dancers compete Thursday, March 17, at the OSAA state dance and drill championships at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland.
Mar 18, 2016

SLIDESHOW: OSAA Dance Championship

by Pamplin Media Group
The OSAA Dance and Drill state championship competition kicked off Thursday, March 17, at Portland's Memorial Coliseum. Coverage will be ongoing. The slideshow below shows first round action…
Mar 18, 2016

Eagles fall by one in opener

by Parker Lee
The Centennial baseball team musters just three hits Wednesday against Milwaukie The Centennial baseball team opened the season on Wednesday, but the Eagles found they still have plenty of…
CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - The Barlow Bruins celebrate their championship win in the fifth-grade state tournament in Bend.
Mar 19, 2016

Barlow girls win 5th grade hoops crown

by David Ball
The Barlow girls traveling team won the 5th-grade bracket at the middle school state basketball championships earlier this month in Bend. The Bruins finished with a 4-1 record over the weekend…
- - Barlow High boys coach Tom Johnson
Mar 14, 2016

Newspaper hosts bracket contest

by (none)
Area coaches offer up their advice for the hot teams heading into Thursday's opening round The Outlook hosts its annual Basketball Bracket contest this week. Pick up our Tuesday, March 15, print…
TRIBUNE PHOTOS: JAIME VALDEZ - Shannon Rowbury of the Nike Oregon Project takes the women's 3,000 title during the U.S. Indoor Track and Field Championships last weekend in the Oregon Convention Center.
Mar 15, 2016

Making tracks to World Indoor

by Jeff Smith
Ryan Bailey has had March 17-20, 2016, circled on his mental calendar since it was announced in November 2013 that Portland would be play host to the IAAF World Indoor Championships. “I knew I…
PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: DAVID BLAIR - Gary Payton II finished with 10 points and a game-high four steals during Oregon States 75-66 win over Arizona State on Wednesday.
Mar 10, 2016

Beavers advance on grit, superior 3-point shooting

by Howie Stalwick
PAC-12 BASKETBALLMen's tournament — first round Team Score Oregon State75Arizona State66 LAS VEGAS, Nev. – When it comes to shooting 3-pointers, the Oregon State Beavers emphasize quality over…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - David Douglas's Charles Jones gets around Jesuit's Jordan Happle on the drive into the lane during the Scots' 70-65 loss to the Crusaders.
Mar 06, 2016

Scots scramble back to make Jesuit sweat

by David Ball
6A BOYS BASKETBALLSecond round playoff Team Score #8 Jesuit70David Douglas65 PORTLAND — The David Douglas boys basketball team battled back from 22 points down in the first half and had a couple…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Damascus Christians Silas Marvin splits Columbia players Levi Dalzell and Michael Moultrie during an earlier meeting between the teams.
Mar 04, 2016

Damascus falls to Valley 10 foe in semis

by David Ball
Columbia Christian builds a 15-point margin early in the second half 1A BOYS BASKETBALLState semifinals Team Score Columbia Christian50Damascus Christian36 The Damascus Christian boys basketball…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - David Douglas teammates Charles Jones and Elijah Bryant had reason to share a smile after pulling off an upset in the first round of the 6A playoffs Wednesday.
Mar 03, 2016

Scots pull off surprise to start playoffs

by David Ball
6A BOYS BASKETBALLFirst-round playoff Team Score David Douglas52#9 North Medford47 It was burgers, fries and jubilation on the bus ride home for a David Douglas squad that pulled off a 52-47…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Barlows Ashley Long turns toward the basket for a layup attempt.
Mar 03, 2016

Barlow girls fall in the first round to Tigard

by David Ball
6A GIRLS BASKETBALLFirst-round playoff Team Score #3 Tigard55Barlow28 TIGARD — The Barlow girls basketball team put together some solid spurts, but in the end No. 3-ranked Tigard ran away with a…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Barlows Leonard Dixon rushes down the court on a fastbreak.
Mar 03, 2016

Barlow boys can't tame top-ranked Lions during first-round…

by David Ball
6A BOYS BASKETBALLFirst-round playoff Team Score #1 West Linn99Barlow58 WEST LINN — The Barlow boys basketball team walked into a nearly impossible situation Wednesday night, taking on the…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Damascus Christian coach Terry Calhoun called timeout with 0:07 left to design a final play, as the Eagles knocked off No. 1 Yoncalla in the 1A quarterfinals Thursday.
Mar 04, 2016

Shields beats No. 1 team with a 3 at the horn

by David Ball
Damascus Christian boys advance to 1A's Final Four 1A BOYS BASKETBALLState quarterfinals Team Score #3 Damascus Christian45#1 Yoncalla42 Damascus Christian senior Ben Shields scored three times…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Corbetts Jerry Mealey works to turn North Marions Casey Roberts on his way to a pin in the 132-pound championship bout.
Mar 03, 2016

Mealey is perfect with pins

by David Ball
PORTLAND — Corbett High junior Jerry Mealey made quick work on his opponents on his way to the 4A 132-pound wrestling title last weekend. He scored on his first move sending North Marion's Casey…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Barlow senior Zeph Childs locks wrists with Glencoes Tyler Self in the 182-pound finale.
Mar 03, 2016

Childs falls in overtime of a marquee showdown

by David Ball
6A STATE WRESTLING182-pound championship bout Team Score Tyler Self, Glencoe7Zeph Childs, Barlow5 PORTLAND — Barlow High senior Zeph Childs was half-a-step away from a state wrestling title…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - David Douglas senior Tristin Molinari locks up the leg of Grant Passs Trajan Hurd on his way to an early takedown in the 152-pound final.
Mar 03, 2016

Scots race past Newberg in semifinals

by David Ball
6A STATE WRESTLINGTeam scores (top three) Team Score Roseburg295David Douglas181Newberg147 PORTLAND — David Douglas wrapped up second place at the 6A state wrestling tournament Saturday morning…
THE OUTLOOK: DAVID BALL - Osa Odighizuwa looks to his coaches in the corner of the mat before heading to overtime.
Mar 03, 2016

Osa wins an overtime test in finale

by David Ball
6A STATE WRESTLING285-pound championship Team Score Osa Odighizuwa, David Douglas5Cortez Rodelo, Aloha2 PORTLAND — It turned out to be the longest match of the season and by the finish he was…