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Portland's Opinions

October 23, 2014

Our Opinion: Parks bond measure worthy of support

by Editorial Board
Among the many items Portland residents will be asked to decide in this year’s election will be Measure 26-159, the Portland Parks Replacement Bond. Earlier this year, we expressed our support…
October 23, 2014

My View: Funds are desperately needed to maintain parks

by Amanda Fritz
As your parks commissioner, I’m proud that Portland Parks & Recreation has a long history of using taxpayers’ money wisely. The bureau, which manages 209 parks on 3,445 acres, plus about 7,800…
October 23, 2014

Two Views on Measure 86: Yes: Make education an achievable goal

by Heather Conroy
It’s no secret that many working families in Oregon are falling behind. We know that for many Oregonians, the key to getting ahead financially is a college degree or skills acquired through…
October 23, 2014

Two Views on Measure 86: No: Let market values drive tuition…

by Mike Montchalin
Because it is a public policy mistake to ponder whether Oregon is doing too little or too much to help prospective students go to college, voters should say “no” to Ballot Measure 86 this…
October 21, 2014

Two Views on Measure 92: Trust, not labels, is real GMO issue

by Julie Crosse
You’ve probably seen the barrage of attack ads from the No on Measure 92 campaign. The chemical conglomerates and big out-of-state corporations that earn billions in profits from the sale of…
October 21, 2014

My View: Climate hysteria pays political dividends

by Gordon Fulks
It was something that was never supposed to happen in climate science where so many are so happy with the vast largesse they receive from American taxpayers in exchange for supporting a…
October 21, 2014

Two Views on Measure 92: GMO label measure lacks reliability

by Ruth Carey
As a nutritionist and dietitian for 30 years, I understand how important it is for food labels to be accurate and reliable so that consumers can make informed decisions about the foods they buy.…
October 16, 2014

Our Opinion: Three measures that get it right

by Editorial board
For better or worse, the city of Portland is the champ when it comes to finding new and creative ways to dislodge a few more dollars from taxpayers. The arts tax and the proposed street…
October 16, 2014

Two Views: Measure 88 makes the roads safer for all

by Ron Louie
In November, Oregonians have an opportunity to make our roads safer. We can improve our communities. We can improve our economy. And we can do it by voting “yes” on Measure 88. This measure is…
October 16, 2014

Two Views: Measure 88 would drive nation to chaos

by Elizabeth Van Staaveren
There is clear evidence that states giving driver’s licenses to unauthorized immigrants attract more unauthorized immigrants. This is an important reason to vote “no” on state Ballot Measure 88.…

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Oct 14, 2014

Lighting up cancer

by Jaime Migdalene
Light the Night walk helps people with blood cancers find a path to recovery Most people have no idea how powerful their presence is. For the thousands of people whose lives are impacted by…
Oct 09, 2014

Our Opinion: Kitz or Richardson? None of the above

by Editorial board
Many Oregon voters, we suspect, are uninspired by their options in the gubernatorial race. We know we are. Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, is running for an unprecedented fourth term at a time…
Oct 10, 2014

My View: Close the income gap with $10.10 minimum wage

by Charlie Hales
This summer I signed on to the U.S. Conference of Mayors Cities of Opportunities initiative, which recognizes that rising inequality and declining opportunity are serious threats to both our…
Oct 09, 2014

My View: Measure 90 favors wealthy special interests

by Meghan Moyer
If you are paying attention in politics today, it’s impossible not to be frustrated. Congress gets less than nothing done. Our school classrooms are overflowing with kids (except when they’re…
Oct 09, 2014

My View: Measure 90 gives power back to the voters

by Margaret Carter and Jim Kelly
Ballot Measure 90 would change the primary election system so that all voters — regardless of party affiliation — would use one identical ballot, and the top-two vote-getters would go on to face…
Oct 07, 2014

My View: Oregon must fight addiction problem

by Andrew Mendenhall
Oregon is in the midst of a deadly, public health epidemic. It can affect anyone ... from teens to senior citizens. Yet, many Oregonians don’t even know the epidemic exists. As medical director…
Oct 02, 2014

Our Opinion: Measure 86 makes education a priority

by Editorial Board
Measure 86, which was referred to this November’s statewide ballot by the 2013 Oregon Legislature, opens up the opportunity for Oregon to provide greater support for students who want to get a…
Oct 02, 2014

Readers' Letters: Community college bond fills a big need

by Pamplin Media Group
We are fortunate to have a high-quality, affordable college in our community. Clackamas Community College trains workers for high-demand jobs and provides an opportunity for students to earn…
Oct 02, 2014

My View: Metro ignores housing needs, desires

by Dave Nielsen
Metro has released an innovative housing preference study that shares what housing choices people want and will make — even when faced with trade-offs on important housing and neighborhood…
Sep 30, 2014

My View: Public flunks on key education issues

by Adam Davis
School has started and student testing will soon be underway. And as we know, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So what about a test for us adults? The question: What public…