Divers find plentiful baby sea stars off Oregon Coast

Divers find plentiful baby sea stars off Oregon Coast

Divers at the Oregon Coast Aquarium say they have new hope that sea stars will recover from the...

Onshoring an import business

Onshoring an import business

Nyla Jano prides herself on finding materials in unexpected places. Farm feed bags from local...

Erecting 40-story highrises out of wood?

Erecting 40-story highrises out of wood?

It’s rare to see Oregon environmentalists and the timber industry on the same page. But both...

Candy Lane students line up for school-grown produce

Candy Lane students line up for school-grown produce

When the lunch bell rang on Sept. 25 and students at Candy Lane Elementary School lined up for...

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Sustainable Life Section

October 30, 2014

Alta sells its Bicycle Share operation

by Cassandra Profita, EarthFix
Portland-based Alta Bicycle Share will be acquired by a New York company and will relocate to New York City to be run by a new CEO, under an agreement announced Tuesday. Alta has launched…
October 30, 2014

SolarWorld to expand Hillsboro solar panel plant

by Kendra Hogue
Hillsboro's SolarWorld Industries Americas will soon expand manufacturing capacity and add 200 full-time local jobs, spending $10 million in the process. Company officials and U.S. Sen. Ron…
October 30, 2014

Enviro groups suing over Washington nuke plant

by Courtney Flatt, EarthFix
Three environmental groups say the Northwest’s only commercial nuclear power plant is harming fish. The groups are suing a Washington state agency because they say it issued a permit that…
October 28, 2014

Bee task force offers report

by Mateusz Perkowski
Recommendations include pesticide use reporting, diagnosis facility for bee diseases. A pollinator health task force is recommending that Oregon lawmakers reactivate a statewide pesticide use…
October 27, 2014

Free Groundwater 101 class offered

by Virginia Werner
You may not think twice about the water below your feet, but groundwater plays a huge role in our drinking water system. Get the 411 on Portland’s groundwater system by attending Groundwater…
Photo Credit: EMILY DAWSON OF SRG PARTNERSHIP IN PORTLAND - Architect's rendering of a new visitor's center at the Oregon Zoo. The large slab on the roof is cross-laminated timber.
October 23, 2014

Grant will help develop Oregon's first cross-laminated timber…

by Steve Law
Oregon BEST awarded a $150,000 commercialization grant to DR Johnson Lumber Co., which is working with Oregon State University researchers to create the state’s first cross-laminated timber…
October 22, 2014

Chevy drives more energy efficiency projects at PSU via carbon…

by Steve Law
Capitalizing on its ambitious drive to reduce carbon emissions, Portland State University will sell carbon credits to Chevrolet. The deal, brokered by Portland-based Bonneville Environmental…
Photo Credit: ERIC GUTH, COURTESY OF OPB  - Oregon Field Guide explores glacier caves on Mount Saint Helens in season premiere.
October 22, 2014

Dramatic evacuation on Mount Saint Helens featured on Oregon…

by Steve Law
Some of Oregon’s finest spelunkers and search and rescue experts are featured in a dramatic operation at glacier caves high on Mount Saint Helens, in the season premiere of Oregon Field Guide.…
Photo Credit: COURTESY TUALATIN RIVERKEEPERS - Contemporary drawing of Calapuya Indian.
October 21, 2014

Learn about native peoples along the Tualatin River

by Steve Law
Who were the first people to live along the Tualatin River, and what was their culture like? To shed light on those questions, Tualatin Riverkeepers is presenting a talk on the Native People of…
October 21, 2014

Bright idea to save energy

by Virginia Werner
A light bulb switches on right above the heads of many Oregonians this fall, indicating the presence of some bright ideas. As our precious hours of daylight fade away, sustainable practices…
Oct 18, 2014

GMO labeling campaign sets records

by Peter Wong
Total raised by both sides tops 2007 mark; spending likely to break $15 million as well. It’s official: Measure 92 supporters and opponents have raised a record amount — and are about to spend a…
Photo Credit: PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: DREW DAKESSIAN - Ellie Asplund and Maddie McCarter, 14, with Chai and Felix, two goats who are grazing yards throughout Hillsdale.
Oct 16, 2014

Forget pesticides; try goats instead

by Drew Dakessian
How do you clean up your yard? Gardening clippers? A lawn mower? If you live in Southwest Portland’s Hillsdale neighborhood, two local girls can offer you another method: goats. For the last few…
Photo Credit: TRIBUNE PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - The new Natural Play Area at Westmoreland Park was filled with kdis earlier this month during a school in-service day.
Oct 16, 2014

Mother Nature is nanny at revamped park

by Jennifer Anderson
There’s no creaky swing set at this park. No plastic twisty slides or faux-spider web or paint-chipped metal monkey bars to give callouses. Instead, kids at Westmoreland Park’s new natural play…
Photo Credit: PHOTO COURTESY KYLE TIDWELL  - Kyle Tidwell holds a Western toad at the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Mount Adams. Tidwell likens the frog to the proverbial canary in the coal mine, a gauge for evaluating the ecological health of aquatic environments.
Oct 16, 2014

Rodeo star switches to plight of spotted frog

by Kate Stringer
When Kyle Tidwell meets up with his slimy, jumpy co-workers, it’s often in the dead of night, far from civilization. The Portland State University graduate student has spent the past four years…
Oct 16, 2014

Green Briefs

by Steve Law
Fishers could make threatened-species list The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed listing the fisher — a mammal in the same family as minks and otters — as a threatened species. Fishers…
Photo Credit: JONATHAN HOUSE - Virginia Luka and Kianna Angelo discuss the linkes between climate change and health equity at Portland State University.
Oct 16, 2014

Islanders find refuge but no paradise

by Jan Johnson
Virginia Ngilmau Pedro Rivard Luka was born and raised in Micronesia, a region of thousands of Pacific islands, many threatened by inundation from rising ocean levels caused by climate change.…
Photo Credit: PHOTO BY SCOTT CARPENTER, COURTESY OF AUDUBON SOCIETY OF PORTLAND  - The rufous hummingbird, which nests and breeds here in the summer and fall, may be a rarity in the Portland area as the climate warms, according to a new National Audubon Society study.
Oct 16, 2014

Say g'bye to summer hummers once global climate warms

by Paul Koberstein
For a good part of the year, the colorful rufous hummingbird can be spotted all over Portland. After nesting and breeding here in the summer and fall, these feisty hummers migrate some 2,000…
Photo Credit: PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP PHOTOS: DAVID ASHTON  - Gabrielle Rossi sells potatoes she planted in May at Portlands Montavilla Farmers Market. On middle right, the harvest of Red Thumb potatoes begins. On right, Gabrielle checks out the old family tractor before the evenings potato dig.
Oct 16, 2014

Daughter carries on family farm tradition

by David Ashton
For about a century, it’s been a common story — kids raised on a family farm leave for “big city” jobs and never return. But that isn’t the case in the Rossi family, which has farmed land in…
Oct 15, 2014

Garden Home hosts sustainability fair

by Steve Law
Learn about environmental activities and resources on the westside of Portland at the fifth-annual Garden Home Community Sustainability Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 21, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The free…
Oct 14, 2014

Ocean rocks can capture methane, a potent greenhouse gas

by Steve Law
Scientists have long known that microbes embedded in sediment on the ocean floor consume methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide. A new study found that ocean-floor rocks…