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Order a custom flag, table cover, or backdrop from Elmer's Flag and Banner!

Brought to you by David Anchel - Elmer's Flag and Banner, Kites Too! - FLAG, BANNER, and KITE INSIDER -

ELMER'S FLAG & BANNER, KITES TOO! - David AnchelIf you're shopping for a quick, custom-made banner for a weekend sale or a grand opening, technological advances in printing mean that you can now find an adequate one from a dozen different retailers. But for long lasting and affordable hand-sewn and digitally printed flags, banners and more, working with Elmer's is a unique opportunity to create an heirloom-quality product.

Once you know which style you'd like...perhaps a feather flag, banner, table cover, or tradeshow backdrop…the next step is to create the design. If you're using your own graphics, the art needs to be vector format--a .pdf, .ai, or .eps file--that can be resized without losing resolution. If you don't have vector art, or don't have a design, Elmer's in-house team can clean up your current file for you or work together with you to create a new one from scratch.

Once your design is finalized and you approved it, producing the finished product takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity. If you've purchased an appliqué flag, Elmer's sews the flag by hand in-house; one of the few remaining shops in the country that still do this!

If you're committed to American manufacturing quality and are looking for an affordable product that will last a good long time, call Elmer's Flag and Banner today at (503) 282-1214 or visit us anytime on the web at elmersflag.com.

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