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Fencing is newest club sport at Scappoose High School

August 17, 2017 South County Spotlight - Sports Jake McNeal
Olympic swordsman's sport requires 'mental and physical skill, agility and quickness'

TRACK STAR: Teagan Fischer running away with Columbia County Racing Association's Dwarf Car division

August 16, 2017 South County Spotlight - Sports Jake McNeal
Fischer, 16, of Warren, is on inside track to becoming youngest champion in Columbia County Racing Association's 33-year history

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OPINION: All-important words guiding St. Helens

August 19, 2017 South County Spotlight - Opinion Stephen Topaz
There are certain words, argues St. Helens' Stephen Topaz, that when spoken in St. Helens grants the speaker great power.

OPINION: County commissioners should listen to the people regarding Port Westward rezone

August 18, 2017 South County Spotlight - Opinion Nancy Whitney
Nancy Whitney, of St. Helens, urges Columbia County Commissioners Henry Heimuller, Alex Tardif and Margaret Magruder to vote 'no' on the Port Westward rezone.
  • Letters to the editor

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Port rezone is a bad idea and compromises soils; Nob Hill Community Park is a community asset
  • Letters

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    A challenge to Global's neighborliness; not sold on Port Westward rezone; wary of St. Helens urban renewal
  • Probes, leaks show how top public officials let the public down

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Absent leaked reports, we would never know the truth of public officials' bad behavior
  • Letters

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Life along the Columbia River as it was; pot farm problems; farmland in peril; thanks Sen. Johnson
  • Education budget improves, but we're not there yet

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    At $8.2 billion, budget marks 11% increase --- but $200 million more needed to hit target
  • Letters

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Concern for St. Helens marijuana grow operation on city property; Oregon is violating 2nd Amendment
  • CRFR report exposes more than division chief findings

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Duty vehicles for personal use, political retaliation and much more noted in report
  • Your home is being invaded - act before it's too late

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Commentator Hal Ritz warns you will be victimized in your own home and in broad daylight if Trump's BPA proposal passes
  • Letter

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Letters to the editor published July 7, 2017: Columbia City's Joe Turner sounds off on the Oregon Transportation Plan
  • Tax reform will wait, except for rollback on small businesses

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Rep. Brad Witt lives in Clatskanie and represents Oregon's 31 District. He can be reached at [email protected]
  • Spotlight's new look honors past, embraces the future

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    PMG President Mark Garber delves into the messaging behind the Spotlight's new look and name, all with an eye to the future of community…
  • Scappoose School Board mishandled Jupe evaulation, digging a deeper hole

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Elected Scappoose school officials make misteps in management of district superintendent, fault the Spotlight for reporting
  • Letters to the editor

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    A call for community help for Brenda Havlik; supports the Bakers following PUD fiascos; a first-hand opinion regarding the city of St.…
  • Building community, one smile at a time

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    We remain in control of our own destinies, and you can make a change for the better by a simple act of kindness.
  • It's a bad time to push the National Popular Vote agenda

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    We should avoid making lasting changes to our historical election processes and to rush a circumvention of our national Constitution.
  • With lawsuit settlement, turbulent PUD likely to now appear ... settled

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Despite $1.3 million settlement with former employees, the numerous issues dominating PUD discourse for the past three years remain…
  • Letters

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Thank you for Memorial Day support, questions about Portland mayor's attempt to limit free speech for the right.
  • Letters

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Angst agaisnt those who pushed prosecution of the Bakers, making it a successful spring wine tasting at the Watts House
  • A Gen Z perspective: Technology zaps positivity, but there is a way out

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Jacob Munoz, a junior at Scappoose High School, talks about the positivity gap he sees in his generation, and offers one easy fix
  • Letters to the editor

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    As Memorial Day approaches, veterans reps from Scappoose and St. Helens offer commentary on ways to honor veterans and their service.
  • Bold actions needed to address state's $1.6 billion deficit

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Rep. Brad Witt, D-Clatkskanie, offers a synopsis of some legislative actions being pursued to address the state's looming budget deficit.
  • The importance of 'adequate' administration

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Scappoose School District Superintendent Stephen Jupe offers information about school administrators factor into the student-learning…
  • Letters

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Warnings from the state AG's Office, new leadership at the Scappoose VFW, Byte Sized has big FIRSTs, a score of political ramblings, and…
  • Letters

    South County Spotlight - Opinion
    Spotlight readers sound off about the upcoming election, the Port of St. Helens rezone effort, and much more in this week's letters…


Smart homes: Embracing the age of hi-tech living

May 19, 2017 South County Spotlight - Features Darryl Swan
Smart home technology is an increasingly popular --- and affordable --- option for everyday homeowners.

The realm of uncertainty

February 17, 2017 South County Spotlight - Features Courtney Vaughn
Family of 10-year-old with Duchenne muscular dystrophy is at the mercy of time, drug companies

Sustainable Life

Adding native plants to our yards and gardens is more important than ever

August 16, 2017 Cynthia Orlando
Arborist offers a wealth of ideas for adding plants, trees and wildflower meadows to your yard or property

Mt. Hood National Forest recovers from 36 Pit Fire

August 16, 2017 Emily Lindstrand
Three years later, officials say much of the affected forestland is on the road to recovery.


Wyden: Public outcry helped turn back health care repeal

Oregon Democrat says next steps are drug prices, individual insurance coverage; also, leaders must cool rhetoric on North Korea.

Key variables for securing a home loan

Interested in getting a loan to purchase new home? Here are tips to make your dream a reality.

Summer projects in full swing

After 42 years, a new warehouse is in store for Dalhgren's Do It Best, which is always ready and willing to help its customers.

Eight things you may not know about Habitat for Humanity

Columbia County Habitat for Humanity is an all-inclusive grassroots organization and much more.

The 4 important benefits your business gains from a professionally designed website

What can your business gain from a professionally designed website? A lot, as it turns out.

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