Veterans deserve support every day

Gresham Outlook - Opinion
Veterans have given us freedom, security and the greatest nation on earth, America.

'I'm a sea fish, a big fat sea fish' and other funny…

Gresham Outlook - Opinion
Malapropism is the mistaken use of a word or phrase in place of a similar-sounding one.

Let's come together to clean up Meinig Park

Sandy Post - Opinion
Sandy's Meinig Park has, in many ways, become inhospitable. Residents and the city government should work in partnership together to take back the…

Oregon ablaze: Let's take steps to minimize future fires

Portland Tribune - Opinion
The number of human-caused wildfires is rising - plus climate change and fuel buildup are exacerbating conditions that threaten trees and community…

Liberty, justice, opportunity must extend to everyone

Sandy Post - Opinion
RICHARDSON: The goals of true diversity are realized when each of us treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves, while respecting each…

Why I hate the Hood to Coast Relay Race

Gresham Outlook - Opinion
The last time I ventured out on 'Hood to Coast' day, I deeply regretted it, our columnist says.

Does my most humiliating moment beat yours?

Sandy Post - Opinion
Will the chance of some potential splendor in the sand change the course for this solitary scribe?

You know the movies; here's how Timberline Lodge fit in

Sandy Post - Opinion
The iconic stone and timber lodge on Mount Hood has shared screen time with some of Hollywood's best actors, directors and producers.

'Parenting is not for the squeamish'

Sandy Post - Opinion
My challenge to you is to not get caught up in a parenting style that is driven by sensationalized media reports that cause you to believe things are…


Sandy Post - Opinion
Mt. Hood Community College provides $4 of economic impact back to the local economy for every dollar invested.

City discussion harms relationship with a Sandy business…

Sandy Post - Opinion
The Sandy city government faces the task of rebuilding trust with Clackamas County Bank.

Letter to the editor: Support your local School Bus Driver

Sandy Post - Opinion
A new contract proposal has school bus drivers with the Oregon Trail School District on edge. They are worried about lost jobs, wages and benefits.

Data doesn't support raising kids in culture of fear

Sandy Post - Opinion
The overall protective environment we have created for our kids impacts their sense of trying new things.

Raise age to buy, use tobacco to 21

Sandy Post - Opinion
Deaths from tobacco use are the No. 1 preventable cause of death in Oregon, according to the state Public Health Division, and most people start…

State needs to keep fingers off our money

Sandy Post - Opinion
Letter writer Carlton Bruce of Sandy says the state government has plenty of money, it's just over spending.

True confession: Avoiding a longtime friend

Sandy Post - Opinion
There's nothing weird about the Metro area's traffic congestion, it's just aggravating.

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